Monday, April 8, 2013

I hope I never forget...

  • How Benny takes a stack of pears that I have cut up and holds them all and takes bites out of all of them at once instead of eating them one by one.
  • How Katie is always "just trying to tell you something"
  • How excited Ben gets when Katie wakes up or when we start talking about her in the morning and how he runs to the stairs to run up and go to her room to see her and say "Katie WOKE UP!!!"
  • How much Ben loves pasta and how pasta sauce ends up all over your face like a painting.
  • How excited you get for M & M's 
  • How Katie tells Benny if he goes pee pee potty that he can have M&M's 
  • How Katie only picked pink and purple eggs during her 4 year old easter egg hunt at school and bypassed all the other, 'lesser' colors
  • How obsessed Ben is that Woody have his hat on
  • How good you are when I tell you that we are not at the store to buy a toy and you respond by saying... yeah, that's what I was just saying - maybe next time - and move on to the next thought in your head
  • How you look for each other even if you were just fighting over a toy
  • How Benny tries to copy Katie for even the smallest things like walking with your hands in your vest pocket today on the way into school. He didn't have regular pockets but he had really high ones so we showed them to him and he concentrated SO HARD on putting his hands in them so he could be like you
  • How Benny rejected the white, chalky medicine and ran around the house saying PINK ONE PINK ONE - until I called the doctor and got the pink one:)
  • How excited Ben was the other day when Katie and I both slept in (sick) and we finally woke up and how he yelled - katie come on, mommy woke up - katie come on!
  • How Benny says LOOK IT
  • And 'ere you go
  • and how you both learned how to make coffee in the morning before you were 1 and would help by putting in the filter, counting the scoops, and pushing the buttons
It's the little things that I hope I don't forget. Not just the big things like first words, and first steps cause I think all the things above are pretty cool too:)