Thursday, June 13, 2013

An email to my parents

I know, I know. It's been a long time.

Hopefully you enjoy this one. The below is an email I sent my parents Tuesday night.  
The background is that Katie fell at school and and skinned her elbow. The school cleaned her up and put one of those super cheap, pale tan really big, really sticky band aids on her so we couldn't see how bad it was.
The next day, I cut away at the part that was NOT sticking to remove the gauze that was covering the injury - and realized that the gauze was STUCK to a pussy looking wound.....

which resulted in my husband having to rip said gauze off her elbow -  revealing a larger than we were expecting wound - and sent Katie into an absolute downward tailspin of screaming, tears and more screaming. (YOU HURTED ME, YOU REALLY HURTED ME BAD)

I grabbed the keys RUSHED to Rite Aid and bought 40 dollars worth of crap.(that is not an exaggeration - it was legit 40 bucks)  Non stick, non-sting, non-tape band aids, gauze, Bacitracin, Neosporin (the spray AND the cream) and a 6 dollar box of princess band aids.

I also got some chocolate covered cherries to cheer her up. We finally got that covered and put her to bed. She proceeded to walk around with her arm at a 90 degree angle for about 4 days after this.
(she never breaks character once she gets an injury)
About 5 days later she got a blister on her foot - prompting this email to my parents....
Katie got a blister
from her croc shoes outside
when she realized she had a blister - she tried to avoid taking a bath.

When she realized that wasn't possible, she started screaming bloody murder as soon as her foot hit the water.

which turned into me making her sit down in the water and hang her entire leg OVER the bathtub so I could clean her up.
Then I had to get her dry.
Apparently some water dripped on the blister
so i tried to dry it

that was wrong.

I got her on the bed - eliminated all water that could offend the blister and told her she needed a bandaid so it didn't hurt at night she said yes - then said she didn't need a bandaid - she changed her mind.
I got the bandaid - more bloody murder screaming. I finally told her I'd either put it on nicely or hold her down and do it because it had to be covered.

She eventually sat still and I slowly walked her through how she wasn't even going to know it was there.
i told her to close her eyes (she didn't)
Thanks to my cat like reflexes I was able to put the bandaid on with NO feeling from her - to which she started laughing through her tears and I kept telling her AGAIN how she needs to trust me because I take care of her.

She stopped crying - and then asked me to read to her.


Oh and then Dave mentioned we should take off her elbow bandaid which she heard, so I gave him my best DAGGER eyes - more crying and screaming from Katie - I told her she could keep it on - I read her a book and now tomorrow we can look forward to her holding her arm like it's in a sling AND limping on one leg.
XOXO I'm BEAT - This mommy shit is HARD

Moral of the story

  • Have a STOCKED medicine cabinet (our first aid kit was FRESH out of neosporin and we had no non stick tape stuff) 
  • Learn which battles to pick with your child when it comes to injuries, band aids....
  • Get the non stick sticky stuff - it's like the stuff you use to wrap a sprain, only it sticks to itself instead of them
(She still has one piece of big, cheap ugly band aid stuck to her elbow but I was able to get ONE piece off by SOAKING it with baby oil last night

Goodluck parents everywhere!