Monday, August 29, 2011

Sleep Training

Ben is a SERIOUS nurser. What can I say, he likes boobs and HATES bottles.
So unfortunately, he started nursing himself to sleep - which meant it was the only way he'd fall asleep unless he was in a car or stroller.

It's one of those things you say you will never do - get caught in a bad sleeping situation - but it happened. With a 2 year old who is VERY active - I found myself letting him fall asleep that way because it meant we could keep to a schedule and I would get definite time with her.

It's been probably a good 2 - months that this has been the case and we just kind of fell into the habit. It wasn't bad at first, but then he started waking up 2 - 3 times at night and would only go back to bed if he was nursing.

With all the issues my thyroid was creating, this became MISERABLE for me. I had insomnia as it was (thank you thyroid) so getting such broken sleep for such a long period of time on top of having NO ENERGY despite anything I did (thank you thyroid again) was not good.

Someone suggested the Ferber book - so I got it from my library
(have I mentioned how much I LOVE THE LIBRARY)

Anyway, I didn't read the whole thing - but skimmed around and got to the part that made sense to me - Ben was in a pitiful spiral where he nursed himself to sleep - and then peed and got wet - which woke him up and then had to nurse back to sleep - causing the peeing to happen a few hours later - endless cycle = lots of very short feedings at night for my little man and horribly broken sleep for me.

So, I started sleep training. I was not looking forward to this because no one likes to hear their kid cry - especially when you know you are the sole reason they are crying and pretty much the sole comfort they know. (cause nursing is such a comfort for him)

The first day, I switched around his feeding schedule and put him in his crib without nursing.

He was not happy

For a good 30 minutes, back and forth - him crying - me waiting a few mins and then going in to rub his back or pick him up and kiss him and tell him it's ok - but put him back without nursing.

30 minutes - and he was asleep.

The second time it took only about 20.

The third time - it was under 10.

Now, I put him in his crib - he pouts his lip at me - (a little young for a guilt trip, no?) and cries for maybe 5 minutes - if even and then sleeps peacefully.

I haven't had the heart to make him cry it out at night yet because
a) he's teething (I feel like he's gonna get married toothless because we have been waiting so long)
b) with the Hurricane and tornado warnings, we had to camp out all together which messed up everyone's schedule and that wasn't his fault
c) he's only been waking up 2 times at night max

So, next week - if he is waking up numerous times at night, I will have to start to make him cry it out so that hopefully we get 8 - 12 hours straight out of him.

It wasn't fun - but it wasn't horrible either. He took to it in one day and I never had to give in once I started - which surprised me.

Anyone else have any luck with sleep training? Any tips for what to expect during the middle of the night?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I never thought I'd get territorial about a Mug.

I drink Coffee - every day. Not really sure why because I'm convinced I don't really feel the effects of Caffeine and it's only 1 to 2 cups a day an I have always been able to go to Half Caff with No problems - but I do it.

There is something about the ritual of sitting down with a hot cup of coffee with sugar and cream that just means it's time to start my day...

My mother gave me this mug for my first mothers day and I've pretty much had my morning coffee from this mug since I got it. Unless it's dirty or hard to find and I'm in a rush.
(it says Mommy's Sippy Cup on it)

I have to admit that when I drink my coffee out of a different cup - it's just not the same.

Anyway - my in laws were down a few weekends ago and my FIL grabbed it to make some tea - no big deal right? We get along great - especially for in laws as I am finding from listening to my friends tell about theirs - anyway - when I saw that he was making tea - I am going to admit - My heart kinda stopped for a second.

Ridiculous I know. But the thought in my head was - hey, that's my cup - I sounded just like Katie does when she is claiming one of her toys and I know it's crazy.

Apparently, I turn into a possessive 2 year old when it comes to my coffee mug.

So, if you come to my house and grab that mug - and I give you a strange look for a second - don't worry I'll get over - it's just a gut reaction - I don't mean it.

I learned how to share a long time ago and I can share my mug - but I'm warning you - if you are using it and you break it - run away fast - I am not sure yet what my reaction would be to that and I can't be held accountable!!!

Happy Thursday!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Annie, the Booger Hunter

I hate snotty kids. I don't mean rude kids (although I am not really a fan of those either) I mean kids that walk around with boogers/snots running down their faces or worse yet - dried on (that means they have been there awhile...)

I have NEVER been a fan of this. Once while at a mall, I was exclaiming how much I hate seeing dirty stranger children who suffer from this affliction and my friend (who had just found out she was pregnant and hadn't told me yet) was like... what if it was my kid? (all concerned because her childless friend was talking about how much she hates booger kids hahaha - it was really funny and kinda perfect as she then spilled the beans about the impending baby who might have snots running down his/her nose)

Here's the thing - if I know you and your child, and they develop a runny nose, I will wipe it with a tissue - so they do not fall under the classification of dirty stranger children. Especially if we are good friends and not just aquaintences - I might even use my sleeve for a kid I know REALLY well... if I don't have a tissue.

My kids are my worst victims. I will dig in their nose with my nails or with "tools" (safe and padded tools nonetheless) to get out those big, slimey, colored boogers that make breathing hard and my stomach turn. If they wake up with dried on boogers, I will bust out the saline and soften them up until I can scrape them off their faces without it hurting them. I have a new tool in my arsenal called the Nosefrida snot sucker - it actually lets me see the snots as I suck them out of their noses so I know I'm clearing them out. I also have booger wipes which are super thick, soft, wet tissues that have Saline Solution on them which helps break up the boogers and help clear their nasal passages.

I have booger vision - I can see a runny nose from across the room with low light and my glasses off. My husband makes fun of me all the time - but it's just one of those things - I can't stand to see boogers. Now that Katie is older - and we go public places and classes it drives me even more crazy to see kids running around with runny noses and no moms bearing tissues in sight...

Particularly when all I see are those snotty kids touching their faces and then the things my daughter is supposed to play with - it drives me mad. If you know your kid has a runny nose - pack some damn tissues and be on the lookout - your cell phones can wait. To me, it's MORTIFYING if I look up and realize Katie has a runny nose, it takes me mere seconds to bust out a tissue and take care of the situation and most of the time she tells me before it gets to that point because we've trained her for so long.

As Katie is older, she fights it more - particularly the really hard to get ones - so I have taken to showing her the boogers once I dig them out - so that she understands I'm not just poking around in her nose for no reason - I want her to see the reason I am torturing her and I explain that boogers are germy and we don't want them.

In case you are wondering - I have antibacterial hand stuff in my purse and always apply it after my hunts and if I think my kid has touched her own boogers, I make her put some on her hands as well - so we don't spread germs....

Please parents, take care of your kids snots and boogers. It'll make the world a better place:)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Binkie Fairy bit me in the A**

A few weeks ago, I decided the Binky Fairy was coming to my house to take away my daughters binkies once and for all. She ONLY takes them for nap time and gave them back to me as soon as she woke up with NO questions or problems - but I thought it was time she gave them up.

When I first brought up the Binky Fairy - My daughter told me that she thought maybe I was the binky fairy, and that I wanted her binkies.... (this kid is a smartie pants ) so I dropped it. But then she asked about it and finally after a few days, we rounded up all her binkies and put them in a basket to leave outside her door for the binky fairy to take. (She got $10 for her binkies and a certificate from the Binky Fairy)

It worked. She asked for them for a few days at nap time but never cried or put up a fight or anything... I thought we were golden -

except she stopped napping.

3 weeks went by and she only napped maybe 4 or 5 times TOTAL the whole 3 weeks. In the meantime, I had hit rock bottom in terms of feeling awful from my thyroid problem and was just diagnosed and told to rest as much as I could - so naptime was essential to me getting through my day until my husband came home - even though the baby doesn't nap at the same time - but just to give me a little quiet time.

I waited, and waited and waited. She napped ONCE at my parents house - but that is because my dad took her to the local track an she literally ran like a 1/2 mile and was EXHAUSTED (she LOVES running - this wasn't a punishment haha)

So... this mommy made the executive decision to give her her binky back and see what happened.
I wasn't sure how to talk to her about it - so I didn't. I found a binky she had never seen or used before and left it on her pillow. She thinks she found it in her hair because she rolled around on it and then felt it - works for me.

She used it that first day and was asleep in 5 minutes.

I know, I know. A lot of moms would criticize me for going back but here is what I think -
1) I was desperate. I needed her to nap for a little during the day because she has a cold and was run down and EXHAUSTED and she isn't making up for the loss of sleep anywhere else.
2) Until the dentist tells me that her 2 hours of binky use a day are causing damage to her teeth - I figure if she needs it for naptime - she can have it.

It's the best decision I have made in a long time because she was so much happier after her nap yesterday!

She didn't nap today - but that's cause she had to poop and was refusing to and she can't sleep when she has that issue- but she rested in her crib for 2 hours with NO complaints.

Baby steps I guess - she might need a pacifier to nap during the day - but she's been potty trained for almost a year now - so I'll take my wins where I can.

next challenge is getting her into a big girl bed - I'm starting to get antsy - so once the napping gets back on schedule - we will introduce that and see how that goes

Sometimes as parents, we have to go with our gut and my gut told me she needed to nap MORE than she needed to give up the binky - so I gave it back - anyone else have a similar experience?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sesame Place - what to take and expect

O.k. so this place is on my mind a lot.
What can I say, it's my Disney World. Only much cheaper and closer and not nearly as overwhelming in size.

So, I figured I would make a bullet list of what to take/expect. etc...
  • Bring Water Shoes - for everyone - it's a public water park - better safe than sorry

  • Take a cooler with healthy snacks and lunch

  • Get there for opening - the parking lot is right across the street from the park entrance (really close) so it's really easy to take the cooler back out to the car once you are done with it so you don't carry it around all day.

  • Bring bathing suits and towels - I know this seems obvious - but even on days when you think it might be too cold or rainy for the water rides - you will end up playing in the water and you don't want to end up buying the expensive towels, bathing suits there. Trust me - we did this once and Katie ended up playing in a swim diaper and a $20 towel.

  • Speaking of rides - although it's a water park, there are also tons of other dry rides and things to do including music shows and an Elmo's World Live - all of which are covered or air conditioned - and make for very nice breaks during a hot day or rainy spell.

  • It's a water park for kids - so expect crowds - particularly later in the season and on weekends.

  • If public life jackets bug you - bring your own for your kids because they will be required to wear them if they are a certain age and on certain rides.

  • There is a place towards the back of the park for you to take pictures and meet Elmo or Abby/or Big Bird (Elmo is ALWAYS there but Abby/Big Bird rotate so if your kid has a preference, make sure you check who is there before you get in line) I suggest you go there at lunch time - because that's when the line is shortest.
  • The characters will also walk around the park mostly near the Main Street part section- their handlers are great at enforcing lines and taking turns for pictures. I love this!

  • There are lockers there for rent so depending on how many of you there are and what you are doing - you may want to rent one for your valuables while you all go on some rides together. We have never done this because one of us typically stays with the stroller/stuff but I know some people who do

  • If you have anyone who is sensitive to the sun or plan on taking little babies - you might want to suck it up and rent a cabana at the Counts Splash Castle - it's kind of pricey but provides a fan, some waters in a fridge, free towels and covered protection all day as well as a home base and I think a safe for valuables as well.

  • You can bring food into the park - but there are a bunch of cafe's & street vendors as well - the prices aren't that bad for a theme park - we tend to bring lunch and then buy treats.

  • Timing: We have been in May, June, July, August, September AND October and I have to say - we have had fun every time. August tended to be more crowded and messier and we try to avoid weekends because we prefer less crowds but my daughter absolutely loves it and has not had a bad time yet.

  • If you live close enough to drive there and have little kids - then season passes are definitely worth the price. They provide added perks like discounts, free parking (if you get the right pass category) and discounts for family members on one day tickets. The only reason we didn't get season passes this year is because my son was only gonna be 3-6 months old during the summer and we didn't want to take him in the heat.
As you can see I LOVE this place. Which is funny because 3 years ago I didn't even know it existed. My daughter gets giddy every time she sees the welcome sign to the park. It's way easier to get to than Disney and way more affordable. I recommend it to anyone that is within driving distance at least for an overnight - because the tickets are to-day tickets anyway. Might as well make the most of it and make the trip once if it's far for you - but stay 2 days so you can do the whole park - you won't regret it. Just keep in mind, it's an amusement park for kids - so you have to be patient and remember you are doing it for your kids!!

OH and if you forget something - they have these cool Nanny Caddy vending machine things that sell everything from swimmy diapers to pacifiers and wipes so in a pinch - you're covered!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nosefrida The Snot Sucker

This product is AMAZING. I wish I had had it for Katie and all her little runny noses and colds last year!

I first saw this on the Rachael Ray Show and they showed a video on how to use it and I literally did a double take because I couldn't believe the woman in the video was sucking snots from her kids nose with her mouth - but what they didn't say is that there is a filtering device that ENSURES THAT NO BOOGERS GET ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR MOUTH.

So, I thought I'd try it out because I have seen nothing but good reviews about it online and I just HAD to see for myself.

Fast Forward to today - my poor Katie has allergies - clear runny nose all day long. She does know how to "blow" her nose - although it's hit or miss and sometimes she just sucks them back in again. Regular nasal aspirators never work for me. The opening is too small and they are awkward to hold and squeeze the bulb while holding your screaming, thrashing child still so that you don't hurt them.

Katie reluctantly allowed me to try this on her yesterday. The opening is a great size because it allows for just the right amount of suction. The fact that you use your mouth to "suck" the boogers out allows for more control and better sucking power. (I got a little over enthusiastic I think at one point and had to catch my breath hahaha)

Now, the good and bad thing is that the tube that collects the snots is clear so you can watch as the snots come out of the nose. It takes a little getting used to cause it's kind of gross, but at the same time, seeing the snot start to come out, gave me more motivation to make sure I got it all out - so I found the grossness factor was outweighed by the "YEAH I GOT YOU SNOTS" feeling I had. I like instant gratification, can you tell.

There is no pain or fear for the child because it's not scary after the first time you do it. In fact, I used a tissue later in the day and Katie asked, "why not the booger machine" So, I think she prefers it too.

There are little blue filters that you put into the tube to prevent any snots from getting into your mouth - trust me - I sucked those snots out and didn't get ANYTHING in my mouth. The entire unit comes apart for cleaning and is even dishwasher safe (top rack) and is BPA and Phthalate free.

If you have kids - you need this. Especially if your kids have snot issues. I swear it's amazing and it really, really, really works. This combined with some saline drops will be a lifesaver for Katie's next cold - and my kid will never be the kid with the dry yucky snots in her nose because the bulb didn't work, again:)

P.s. the packaging is ADORABLE and cute packaging makes me happy:)

Thank you NoseFrida for an awesome product!!!!
(I just love when products work)

Check out the funny video they have posted here on their website!

I'm back

Sorry Readers, I've been VERY VERY sick the last week and had to head to my parents house for some help with the kids while I tried to get better. I am starting to feel better since I've been on medication for a week but I see a endocrinologist on Monday to see what is really up with me and to get more information.

So... I am sure I will be posting about Hypothyroidism in the future as I'm finding its quite common and quite miserable and there are lots of women I know who have stories to share about how they deal with it.

Thanks for your patience - let the blogging continue now while I have a few spare seconds and a little energy to spare!

Monday, August 8, 2011

When Tired is not JUST TIRED!

I'm not one to go to the Doctor unless absolutely necessary. Even when I'm pregnant - I just don't get super nervous about being sick etc....
But, the past few months I have been MISERABLE. I'm talking walking zombie, moody, hot flashes, headaches all the time and stiff neck. Now... breastfeeding is tough and I do have to get up 2 times at night at least - but when I first brought Ben home and was up ALL NIGHT, I had more energy than I have now.
It doesn't matter how much sleep I manage to grab during the day, morning and night - I was really really really desperate to find out what was wrong. I knew it wasn't just that I was tired.

I even told my husband that if the doctor said I had to eat fish and it would magically make me feel better - that I would do it - no questions asked. (I HATE fish)

So, on a suggestion of a friend, I went to the doctor and requested that they take some blood. I was expecting my iron count to be low and was prepared for that. The physicians assistant that I saw, told me she was almost 100% sure that I was just tired from being home with kids and that I was more run down than I realized and that stress can do horrible things to your body. I went home miserable because that only meant that there was nothing more we could do to change how I felt other than continue to go to bed at 8 when the kids were down and sleep as much as possible and HOPE I had some energy during the day.

The next day, we went on a family outing to Van Saun Park in Paramus NJ. The place is AMAZING. They have a carousel, a zoo, a train ride and PONY rides.

Well, I hit my rock bottom that day. I was the biggest B$*ch on the planet, (my poor husband) and was suffering from horrific hot flashes and about to get ANOTHER headache - I seriously cried because I HATE the new me. The always tired, cranky, b$%chy, hot, fuzzy headed me.

We came home and I took a nap. When I woke up the doctors office called with my blood work results and she told me that My Thyroid Hormone was seriously Low.


She asked if I had ever been diagnosed before and was surprised when I said no. I asked her if she could give me more information and she ACTUALLY told me to look it up online. Needless to say I will be finding a new DOCTORS office and an endocrinologist ASAP.

I have to take meds now every day. Supposedly they can start working in a few days and I will feel like my old self. Your thyroid pretty much manages your entire body function and explains why I was having all the symptoms I was having.

Relief. At least now I know I'm not just destined to be a cranky B$%ch for the rest of my life and that there is an end in sight to my ridiculous exhaustion!

So... now begins a journey of finding out as much as I can about this "diagnosis" and making sure that my old self comes back because it's been a long time since we've all seen her and we miss her terribly.

So... moral of the story - sometimes it's good to go see a doctor and sometimes you need to push to have them do bloodwork or get a second opinion because If I had let her, that PA would have sent me home with a prescription for more sleep and my problem could have ballooned into something MUCH more serious.

Thank god for FB - because I have already linked up with 4 or 5 friends on there who suffer from the same thing and are already offering information and support. Yay for technology. FB is my new Best Friend as it constantly provides me with friends who can offer just what I need and to whom I can offer so much!

So... the next few days I might be a little quiet, but I will be back with a vengeance and I will be making this blog kick ass! Mark my words - we will have a great time!

Thank you for patience and support!!!!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How Peapod is saving my sanity

I know, I know - Peapod to a lot of people seems like the lazy way to grocery shop. I get it.
I used to LOVE grocery shopping. In fact, when I first got my license it was my favorite thing to do! My mom would send me out with a list and her car and I was in heaven. (granted looking back I realize, I didn't have to cook the food, pay for it or pay for the gas or car even- so of course it was fun!)

Anyways - fast forward to now. 30 years old (and proud I might add) with 2 kids - living in a house (which takes A LOT of work to keep up with 2 kids staying home full time) and being the head of the house - because let's face it - the Woman is the head of the house. (My hubby might be bringing home the money, but I'm managing it:)

There are gym classes, play dates, park trips, naps, feedings, a house to clean, clothes to wash, meals to prepare, etc... the last thing I want to do is strap the baby into the baby harness (because he's already out of his infant car seat - so I can't put him in the cart yet) and push a toddler in a cart - all the while trying to keep to a list, match up coupons and get the best deals before one of them realizes that grocery shopping is not fun! My kids are angels compared to most, I realize this - but I get frazzled and can't concentrate and rush and then it results in me having to go back multiple times for things I forgot or decided to forget about to get home before naptime.

So... I have taken to Pea Pod. Not every shopping trip - but at least once or twice a month. It's my one luxury in life. I go online, while drinking an icy cold drink or a hot cup of coffee - or while I wait for the pasta to boil and I slowly piece together my shopping list.

Here is what I do to keep it cheap (ish) I only shop from the sale items AND I use coupons. Since I stay at home, I can also utilize their "green" delivery times which makes it a little cheaper. They also have a function where you pay by e-check which makes it cost a little less too.

So, I figure - if I save enough in coupons to cover the deliver/tip charges (which are nominal if you think about it!) then I don't feel as guilty. It allows me to multi- task while I shop but I stay more organized and create better meal plans. Then at that lovely time of day you chose, the "grocery man" as we call them in my house, rings your door bell and carries all those heavy bags straight into your kitchen so all you have to do is put the food away.


I also try to stock up on stuff so that I buy enough that the delivery charge goes down even more and then I don't have to go out for certain things for even longer. In particular I like to stock up on heavy items.... because hey, they are carrying them - not me... is that bad??

Anyway - I think it's worth the money. Once you do it enough times and if you tend to buy the same stuff every week minus a few special items - you can get your grocery shopping done by clicking a few buttons and it will generate a list for you automatically which makes it take 5 - 10 minutes MAX!! No crying kids, no waiting in line at the check out, no diaper changes in the middle of a shopping trip and no kids demanding they NEED THE CARS cheez its because - it's CARS - even if they have never had Cheez it's in their life!

Win, Win.
Anyone else use Pea Pod? or a similar shop at home service? I have also done the Shop Rite order online and pick up at the store which is convenient too - but I prefer the walk it to my kitchen service of peapod... and it CAN be cheaper if you shop sales and use coupons!
Don't forget - stop and shop doubles coupons under 1.00 too!

Getting Crafty for cheap

2 empty toilet paper rolls + blue painters tape left over from painting her room + yarn from my tremendous stash = super cool binoculars!

What's the craftiest thing you've made lately with your kid?

Teething Bling - GET ONE!

O.k. I posted previously how I initially thought this product was silly - until I had my son who actually tries to chew on everything he can get his little hands on. (My daughter never did that)

We ordered the Coral Pendant and it came in the mail quickly. My only disappointment with this product is that the color is a little darker than it looked on the computer - it's more of a fall-ish orange - and I was envisioning a brighter, summery orange. Obviously that is a small disappointment and something that cannot be avoided when ordering online as colors differ from computer to computer.

I used a special savings code they advertised in Baby magazine and got a GREAT deal on it too which made me happy since we are pinchin' pennies left and right here!

At first, I thought the string was a little long - but then when Ben woke up and started playing with it, I realized again that these ladies are smarties who know exactly what they are doing. It's the perfect length so that he can play/chew on it and it won't pull my neck down or get uncomfortable.

He already knows it's for him to play with after a few days of me giving it to him and he looks for it when I'm holding him and his mouth hurts. He also looks for it when he's nursing which was a welcome surprise because he tends to get a bit distracted lately and pulls away to look at stuff while trying to nurse at the same time. (yes, it is as uncomfortable as it sounds and NO, mommy's body doesn't bend and twist that way)

It is dishwasher safe - which is a plus for people who tend to dishwash everything - although I haven't figured out what to do with the chord yet if I were to put it in the dishwasher.

For now, I wash it like any other teething toy. with hot, soapy water.

My 2.5 year old daughter likes to wear it when I'm not wearing it which is funny because for a little girl who is "princess" age - she's a tried and true tom boy - so her interest in the jewelry makes me smile.

They have TONS of different colors and I might just splurge and get myself one of their shimmery pendants as I think they are just adorable.

Smart Moms, the company responsible for this awesome product, is going to be sending me a bangle bracelet to review as well - and I am assuming that it's going to be just as awesome as the pendant and that I will be telling you to order a set for your next baby shower gift :)

All in all, I love this item. My husband even wears it sometimes when we are at home and he's holding Ben to give him something to chew on that we don't have to keep holding or handing back to him. So, so far - our entire family of 4 are huge fans!!!

Thank you Smart Moms, for being so smart and creating this fun, modern product for baby AND mom!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sesame Place rocks my world

If you follow my personal page on FB, then you know I have a little obsession with Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pa - similar to how some people obsess about Disney.

Let me tell you why!!

It's only an hour and 15 minutes away from where we live - which makes it an easy day trip.
We took Katie as an infant with some friends who had a toddler at the time and were able to enjoy ourselves because all the rides are adult friendly and we got to get pictures of her with the characters while she was little AND under 2 is free.

The following year, we got season passes and went about 6 times during the summer. We would get up, pack the car, the cooler and set off to get there for opening. We didn't have to pay for parking because we had one season pass that included parking and one regular season pass. (They have different levels) Katie would be so excited and patient on the car ride and then get giddy as soon as she saw the Big Bird Welcome Sign.

There are wet and dry rides and a place where you can wait in line to take pictures with characters and they are VERY good about letting you take as many pictures with your own cameras as you would like.

They also walk the characters around the park for pictures and are great and organized about having people wait in line to see and take pictures. We went May, June and July and then one time in August. The August trip was the worst because by that point, the park gets very crowded and people are gross - so the bathrooms and everything else are just dirtier and messier and it's just harder to enjoy it. My daughter however never noticed a thing.

With season passes you also get 30% off most things you buy in the park. So, they more than paid for themselves last year. We even took her back in October for their special Spooktacular where they do Halloween stuff and the dry rides stay open.

You can bring a cooler into the park and the parking lot is SO close to the entrance that we would bring the cooler in with our lunch at opening at 10 and then take it back out after we ate to save space in our stroller. They have dine with me programs which we took advantage of once and Katie was head over heels. It was well worth the money for the awful breakfast food. (luckily they carry yogurt and cereal:))
This year with an infant, I have to honestly say I'm sad that we haven't been able to go as much. Dave took Katie on a special daddy, daughter date last month and I was so bummed when they called to check in because I knew I was missing out on a great day.

Sesame Street has become a HUGE part of our lives and I am so happy that Sesame Place has helped that. For Halloween last year - we kept the obsession alive with home made costumes - all requested by Katie. I only hope that Ben likes Sesame Street as much as Katie did because I can already see us at the park next summer - all summer long. In fact, season passes are on sale now where you can get them NOW for the rest of the summer and get all of next year free too - I might have to splurge and do this because Ben will be big enough by Halloween and maybe it will be time for his first trip to Sesame.
If I never get to Disney in my life with my kids, I will die happy - because we have Sesame Place and it has brought lots of joy to our lives with our kids and really hasn't been all that expensive.

So... if you have little ones... GO
Just try to go during the week when it's a little less crowded and make sure you take some patience with you because it is a crowded theme park but your kid will have a GREAT TIME!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Why I love the craft stores!

Kids Room Decorating for cheap!
40% coupons rock my world right now. Particularly for Thomas the Train items (those little suckers are EXPENSIVE and my daughter loves all of them)

The craft stores have more than craft stuff. They carry toys like Thomas the Train and Melissa and Doug wooden items and a WIDE VARIETY of room decorations for kids. And every week there is a coupon you can print or get from the paper for 40% off one item.

Last week we went to AC Moore and bought new stickers for the kids room - Sesame Street for the boy and Thomas the Train for the girl. We had 2 coupons and since Katie paid for her own - we got each set for 40 % off. They are safe for paint and you can reposition them a bunch of times which makes them a great value! They even make borders made out of the same material so you can move it easily and it won't be permanent.

So, next time you need a childrens gift or want to decorate your kids room - check out your local AC Moore - you might be surprised at the deals you can score by printing out a coupon first.

Also, anyone who has a Thomas fan, there were some AMAZING 75% off clearance deals on wooden railway sets. Figure 8's - Cranes, etc.... so if you are looking to expand or buy your first Wooden set for your little one - go check it out soon before they are gone!

Happy Shopping!