Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sesame Place - what to take and expect

O.k. so this place is on my mind a lot.
What can I say, it's my Disney World. Only much cheaper and closer and not nearly as overwhelming in size.

So, I figured I would make a bullet list of what to take/expect. etc...
  • Bring Water Shoes - for everyone - it's a public water park - better safe than sorry

  • Take a cooler with healthy snacks and lunch

  • Get there for opening - the parking lot is right across the street from the park entrance (really close) so it's really easy to take the cooler back out to the car once you are done with it so you don't carry it around all day.

  • Bring bathing suits and towels - I know this seems obvious - but even on days when you think it might be too cold or rainy for the water rides - you will end up playing in the water and you don't want to end up buying the expensive towels, bathing suits there. Trust me - we did this once and Katie ended up playing in a swim diaper and a $20 towel.

  • Speaking of rides - although it's a water park, there are also tons of other dry rides and things to do including music shows and an Elmo's World Live - all of which are covered or air conditioned - and make for very nice breaks during a hot day or rainy spell.

  • It's a water park for kids - so expect crowds - particularly later in the season and on weekends.

  • If public life jackets bug you - bring your own for your kids because they will be required to wear them if they are a certain age and on certain rides.

  • There is a place towards the back of the park for you to take pictures and meet Elmo or Abby/or Big Bird (Elmo is ALWAYS there but Abby/Big Bird rotate so if your kid has a preference, make sure you check who is there before you get in line) I suggest you go there at lunch time - because that's when the line is shortest.
  • The characters will also walk around the park mostly near the Main Street part section- their handlers are great at enforcing lines and taking turns for pictures. I love this!

  • There are lockers there for rent so depending on how many of you there are and what you are doing - you may want to rent one for your valuables while you all go on some rides together. We have never done this because one of us typically stays with the stroller/stuff but I know some people who do

  • If you have anyone who is sensitive to the sun or plan on taking little babies - you might want to suck it up and rent a cabana at the Counts Splash Castle - it's kind of pricey but provides a fan, some waters in a fridge, free towels and covered protection all day as well as a home base and I think a safe for valuables as well.

  • You can bring food into the park - but there are a bunch of cafe's & street vendors as well - the prices aren't that bad for a theme park - we tend to bring lunch and then buy treats.

  • Timing: We have been in May, June, July, August, September AND October and I have to say - we have had fun every time. August tended to be more crowded and messier and we try to avoid weekends because we prefer less crowds but my daughter absolutely loves it and has not had a bad time yet.

  • If you live close enough to drive there and have little kids - then season passes are definitely worth the price. They provide added perks like discounts, free parking (if you get the right pass category) and discounts for family members on one day tickets. The only reason we didn't get season passes this year is because my son was only gonna be 3-6 months old during the summer and we didn't want to take him in the heat.
As you can see I LOVE this place. Which is funny because 3 years ago I didn't even know it existed. My daughter gets giddy every time she sees the welcome sign to the park. It's way easier to get to than Disney and way more affordable. I recommend it to anyone that is within driving distance at least for an overnight - because the tickets are to-day tickets anyway. Might as well make the most of it and make the trip once if it's far for you - but stay 2 days so you can do the whole park - you won't regret it. Just keep in mind, it's an amusement park for kids - so you have to be patient and remember you are doing it for your kids!!

OH and if you forget something - they have these cool Nanny Caddy vending machine things that sell everything from swimmy diapers to pacifiers and wipes so in a pinch - you're covered!


  1. thanks I was looking for tips going tomorrow

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