Monday, July 22, 2013

Color makes me happy

I need color in my life. Bright, happy, bold, color.

We moved into our house and the walls has been painted a boring beige color and they looked good - so we thought we can live with this.

And we did, since April - but since I work from home and see these boring walls every day - I decided enough was enough and we went BOLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Peacock Blue was the color we picked and we love it!

We let the kids help us paint - which some people probably couldn't do - but we tried to have fun with it and show them how and then we figured we'd just paint over it and you know what, we all survived and the wall looks FINE!

We also have taken a "this is the kids house too" approach to our family room. I get that some people like to have formal rooms for sitting in - and that's great if that's for you.

We, however, bought a house to live in it. So, the back room in the house is the family room. The toys are back there and organized and the kids can not feel bad about playing or making a mess as long as we clean up afterwards. We are thinking of making a chalkboard wall back there for them too.
We let them play everywhere and there is no doubt that kids live here.

There are stickers on the walls. (Katie asked if she could put Tinkerbell on the wall and I realized - it wouldn't kill me and it would make her super happy - so we have Tinkerbell stickers on the wall)

There are streamers hanging up when there is no party planned.

There is a big piece of paper we leave hanging so the kids can just Draw on the walls. (this is why I want to add a chalkboard wall)

The living room is more of my room - with the peacock blue wall and couches I fought for during the house buying process. But even there - I have little baskets for their toys and a bookshelf that has some of their books on it.

They are little and they won't be little forever and I want them to feel comfortable in this house. I want this house to be played in and laughed in and to get a little messy sometimes.

So - now we begin the rest of the transformation we have to find all the finishing touches for the living room and then we can start  the dining room/kitchen make over.

I'm thinking some REALLY fun bright chevron pattern in the dining room and maybe subway tile backsplash or glass tiles for the kitchen.

Having our own house RULES and we are LOVING every minute of it:) There will always be time for us to make the house more formal later  - but for now - our house will be FUN!:)


The next project will be to do the dining room. (seriously thinking Chevron or Damask stenciling) And then after that I am super excited that we have decided to do small updates to our kitchen.

The last room in the house will be our bedroom - but that's ok - I want to take my time with that. I'm thinking DIY Wooden Plank headboard.

Thanks for reading!