Sunday, April 20, 2014

Why I started selling Jamberry Nail Wraps

So, I got invited to a FB Jamberry party. Usually I roll my eyes at these things because I am just not that into those types of parties and I hardly ever actually use any of the things that people are selling. I usually participate and try to by at least something if it applies to me, but for the most part - I try to steer clear if I can.

BUT! One of my resolutions this year was to be less frumpy. So I have been painting my nails consistently since January and trying very hard to get into nail art because I find it fun. I have used the Sally Hansen Nail Strips before. (admittedly, I wait until they go on sale cause I'm cheap) I like them for their WOW factor because I could NEVER get any of the designs they make on my nails with regular polish. They can be fairly simple to apply if they are fresh, but they reek of nail polish (because they are real nail polish) and there is a lot of waste in the packaging. Also, the first package I bought was dried out before I even opened it (which I didn't realize until round 2) which made them VERY HARD to apply and which meant that they started chipping and peeling away immediately.

When they chip or peel, my nails were chipping and peeling with them. Also, once one started to peel, the preschooler in me took over and I would peel the rest off which damaged my nails tremendously.

So, I stuck to polish for the most part, and added the nail strips occasionally. One thing I hated about the nail strips is that once you open the package, you have to use them immediately or they are no good. Even if you store them in a ziplock baggie (I thought I had outsmarted them and did one accent nail out of a whole package, came back a week later to use the rest and they were un-usable just like the package said)

So, I had been staying away from them. But, then I got invited to this FB Jamberry party - and I went to browse the site and FELL IN LOVE.

Here is what got my attention! This design got me.

  • They are made of Nylon, not polish so they won't damage your nails and you can take them off using warm water and coconut oil - so no acetone or polish ever has to touch your hands 
  • Since they are not made of polish, there is no "drying out" or becoming unusable - so one sheet will last you until you choose to use them all
  • They come in AMAZING designs and colors - including specialty ones like Autism Awareness, Hobbies like Running and there are dots and chevrons galore!
  • They don't chip or peel (as long as you put them on right - which is SUPER SIMPLE) and they last up to 2 weeks on your nails and up to 6 weeks on toes
  • They make Mommy and Me versions for kids as little as 3. Mommy and me, I mean come on!
  • You can make your own designs as long as you follow the copyright laws and can use images and logos and have them printed onto your nail
  • Did I mention the designs? I started to look at them and they have a buy 3 get one free deal - so of course I was going to order 4 - but then I had a hard time narrowing it down to just 4 - cause I wanted to many of them.I will admit that some of the designs that I thought I didn't care for, I have started to LOVE when seeing them on real hands. Something about seeing it on a website - just doesn't do it justice. The one below, I didn't care for at first - but after watching lots of people order it and lots of people posting pictures online of it - it's quickly becoming one of my new favorites.
  • So, I decided to join and sell them because I think other people would love them too and it would be a fun way to be social, get my mani fixes and share them with others. because seriously, they are amazing!
So, now the waiting begins as I anxiously await the arrival of my consultant kit. I hope to plan a mommy night with my local friends where I can show them just how easy it is to put them on and to see if anyone else will share in my new obsession. We can skip the nail salon, open a bottle of wine  or grab a coffee and have a mani night instead:)

Do me a favor and check out some of the designs through my site and tell me what are the ones that catch your eye the most. I want to order some inventory to have on hand and I figure it would be helpful to see which ones others would be interested in aside from my own personal tastes.

If you have any interest at all, please contact me as I'd be happy to answer ANY questions you have.

Thanks in advance for your interest.



  1. Hi Annie! Just curious how selling Jamberry has been going for you. I'm considering selling. Any complaints or problems you have encountered?

  2. No complaints of problems. I like it alot. If you are considering selling, you might want to host a party first and see how your friends and family like them - then you can apply some of your hostess rewards towards your consultant kit and then take over the accounts for re-orders, etc... People are loving them cause they are so fun!!!! find me on FB if you want more info - annie inigo-metcalfe :)

  3. Jamberry damaged my nails badly. I'll never use them again. I googled, and apparently it's a common problem.

    1. That's only when you take them off incorrectly.

    2. That's only when you take them off incorrectly.

  4. I haven't had anyone have damage to their nails unless they pull the wrap off instead of soak it off. Your consultant should be able to help you with that. There are a lot of us in my current team and we don't have problems. If you used them a year ago or so - they had a different adhesive (this was before me) so the complaints could be from the old ones but I have had them on my nails since this post consistently and so has my 5 year old daughter and I found if we soak them the right way - they leave no damage and my nails are actually longer than ever. I'm sorry you had trouble.

  5. I'm a fellow consultant too :) Fell in love with them after trying a many people don't even know what they are!