Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bucket List - Flash Mob

So, I found Flash Mob of America on and had been trolling the site for awhile waiting for a flash mob that I could actually attend to pop up. Some of the ones in NYC have a 2 day set up. You rehearse one day and then come back for the actual flash mob performance.

With the kids, I found that to be too much time on a weekend to dedicate - so hadn't had the chance to actually do one. But then one popped up in Newark which is 10 minutes for me and I thought JACKPOT!

So, I signed up.  The way it works, is you register on the website and then they send you an email when it gets closer to the date of the event that includes a link to a secret video on You Tube with the choreography in it. Usually there are 2 videos, one that shows the whole dance and one that shows it broken down for learning.

Your responsibility is to watch the video and learn the choreography. This particular one was very basic and easy so it was just as easy as going to a Zumba class. Nothing fancy to do - no dance training needed:)

Then you are given a rehearsal location to go to. Our rehearsal was for 3 hours on Sunday morning and towards the middle is when they told us where the flashmob was going to be. It was at the New Jersey Devils Fan Fest event at the Prudential Center. The couple are huge Devils fans and the guy wanted to propose there. The inside joke between them was that the song (Rock your body) and part of the choreography was something the bride to be had walked in on her boyfriend dancing to when he thought no one was watching - so she apparently makes fun of him all the time about it. So, we were under the impression that she would:
 1) recognize the song
 2) recognize the dance move
3) totally freak out and be excited and jump for joy

Here's what actually happened.
1) we started dancing
2) it became TOTALLY obvious that we were dancing FOR them as they were the only ones in front of us
3) she made NO INDICATION whatsoever that she either recognized the song, or the dance
4) She did the total opposite of freak out excitedly and jump for joy
5) I'm talking total Stone face - kind of like resting bitchy face - only angrier.

I'm dead serious.

So, while we are dancing - all of us are kind of like.. uh oh - she doesn't realize, oh she hasn't figured it out yet, oh wait, I think she knows - uh oh she looks pissed..

SO, we finish and are just standing there waiting - the boyfriend is clapping - we're looking at him - FINALLY - after what felt like 10 minutes (ok it was probably like 10 seconds) He turns her around to face him and starts talking - gets down on one knee - she nods her head - then he shows her the ring and their family starts screaming and clapping and hugging.

It looked like she said yes. She did kiss him- but all in all, it was AWKWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Overall, it was fun. Not as mind blowing as I had envisioned because the crowd was kind of small and our group was around 30 people so the overall effect was not overwhelming. But, the people were AMAZING. The rehearsal was fun and I'd probably do it again if one came around that I could actually attend. 

I can't help but obsess about the girls reaction though. I mean - he took the time to put lots of effort, detail and MONEY into this. (he had to pay FMA And there was a video crew and photographers there too that he paid for) So, did he really just not know her well enough to figure out that it was the exact opposite of what she wanted? (like the guys who propose on the kiss cam at sports games and the girlfriends are totally disappointed?)

But, if you love him - wouldn't you fake it and pretend to be happy and then pout later in private? Or is that worse because then you are not being honest and genuine?   If he was totally off, and thought she would love it - how did that happen?

My lessons learned are the following:
1) it's a real rehearsal - you will get sweaty, and you should dress appropriately
2) wedge shoes are NOT acceptable (my ankles still hurt and it was 2 days ago)
2) having your family come to see you makes it that much more fun!

If you're thinking of doing one and the opportunity arises - DO IT. It's fun. The people are social and the dances are easy and it's very exciting being a part of something like that.

My favorite part is the staging - once you learn the dance - the producer assigns when you will start dancing. I was brought in very early on just because of where I had been standing during rehearsal - but I kind of wish I had lingered and started later because I love the effect of thinking you are standing next to someone who is just as surprised and confused as you are watching this group of people dancing and then they start dancing too. Most of the people in this group were eager to start early so almost everyone jumped in by the second chorus - but I think the build of people slowly joining in makes it more fun.

Bucket list item - CHECK:)

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