Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Selling Breastmilk on Craigslist... WTF

I know, I know, my previous posts regarding breastfeeding were controversial, however, I Can't NOT talk about this!!!!!

I browse Craigslist all the time particularly for things for my kids like outdoor toys. I am always VERY careful as there are crazies out there - but I have used it with great success in the past.

I was browsing looking for something in the kids section and came across this posting... I swear to you, I am not making it up - it's still there on the NY page if you don't believe me... October 15, is the date of the posting. Here it is in Italics and to be CLEAR - this is not MY posting (in case you are just skimming this post) this is a posting I came across online....

Currently 32 weeks pregnant, and planning to sell breastmilk to mothers unable to bf, single fathers, adoptive mothers etc. $2 an ounce given daily, or frozen and given weekly. Breastmilk should only be stored in the fridge for 24 hours, or three months in the freezer.
Coming from a healthy mom, that doesnt smoke, drink or do illicit drugs, nor have any disease, and willing to test to verify at buyers expense. Not taking any medications, aside from folic acid suppliments (assists in brain development for baby) and prenatal vitamins.
Cash only, and pick up only, until mobility is fully restored, then we can work something out.
Due date is december 9th, and mature milk forms after 2 weeks, so it can be given by roughly christmas.

Already producing colostrum, if wanted, for $100 a days worth. Please keep in mind, colostrum is for newborns, and although boost the immune system among other benefits, is usually only given for the first 2-3 days, in very small amounts. A small amount on a plastic spoon, five times a day for three days is the norm. It is produced, and expelled in small amounts, and i am unsure if you can freeze it, so if you want colostrum please have the time to bring back the baby every two hours or have some idea of sanitary storage

Ummmmmm WHAT????

Ok. - I am huge advocate for breastfeeding - however I advocate for breastfeeding your own child. I understand there are instances when moms can't breastfeed and want to very badly, or where preemies or babies with illnesses might require breastmilk to help them have a fighting chance, and that there are actual, sanitary, regulated breast milk banks for these types of situations.

However, buying breastmilk from a stranger that you find on Craigslist seems like the most insane thing I have heard of in a long time.

I fully understand and realize that WET NURSES existed and allowed lots of babies to survive when they otherwise would not have - but that was before the invention of formula (for the most part) which is a safe alternative. AND wet nurses were usually people that lived in the house who you knew and could "monitor" if you know what I mean.

How do you know what is in this breastmilk? How do you know the person doesn't smoke or do drugs or have any illnesses, or drinks alcohol... I mean - It's CRAIGSLIST.

Can anyone tell me a good reason why someone should actually consider something like this?
Do you all think it's as crazy as I do? Am I overreacting to the idea of this?

I know I have seen postings for people selling breastmilk previously - so I don't think it's a one off type posting that I just happened upon.. although a little research doesn't show any other postings like this in about 5 states that I checked - but I know I have seen it before...



  1. WOW! *shudder* I have heard of milk banks where women who are breastfeeding can donate their milk to store, but I'm pretty sure that is very regulated - it must be. I mean, it's a bodily fluid, right? I don't care how saintly you say you are on Craigslist, I would never even consider this. ever.

  2. I was told I should sell my breastmilk... I exclusively pump and have a 5 cubic foot freezer full, 1/2 of my regular freezer and some in my MIL's freezer. So I would be lying if I said I haven't thought of selling my breastmilk, but I definitely wouldn't give my child some strangers breastmilk. My daughters pediatrician said I could donate it to a nursery.

  3. I think donating it to a regulated program is a wonderful thing - I am concerned about the idea of trusting someone on craigslist with NO WAY to check the honesty of whether they take care of themselves:(
    I'm amazed that you are able to produce so much - I was overproducing when he was nursing, but once I started pumping, my supply went WAYYYYYYY down:(

  4. Actually, when it goes to the banks, the milk gets pasteurized and altered. So much of the beneficial aspects of breast milk is lost, just like cows mill. They have to add back in the Vit D and flavor. However, with breast milk, the natural antibodies are lost as well, and when this occurs and you might as well feed the baby formula.

    I am a healthy mom who has a surplus of milk. I would be willing to do a drug test/blood test for a mom to ease her concerns.

    And if you think about it, breast milk is for humans, ans we drink milk from a cow. An animals that stands in its poop all day. And if you knew how milk cows were taken care of, you would never drink cow milk again! What more disgusting?

    1. This mom on Craigslist clearly stated she'd be willing to verify her honesty to the owners expense. I honestly would like to sell my colostrum as well. I mean there's no legitimate money making website for nursing moms or pregnant mom's to be able to make profit off of their extra healthy boob milk!?!? I believe this woman is overreacting. I agree with you the milk sent in to any bank is screwed with regardless. So in my opinion why not help a mom out ,hell if u have the money buy any and all drug/std tests vitamin tests that money can buy. But unless you can't afford all that then yes stick to free donor banks.

  5. I just saw a posting for this on the Portland CL site, and mortified, I searched to see if this is even legal. I couldn't find definitive info. on the legality, but it's prohibited on CL in all states. Flag it!

  6. But lactating mothers can donate (that is, without ANY compensation) to milk banks that turn around and make a huge profit from it. People can sell semen, plasma, etc but women can't sell a food source that takes a lot of time to produce and store??? That's what doesn't make sense to me

  7. I want to sell my own! I make more than my baby eats, so until it evens out I see no harm in trying to sell it. It may seem weird but there are people out there who want it for themselves even, not their babies.

  8. Ok.. so ur right wet nurses were popular in a time before formula.. however did u know that most formulas today are 40% corn syrup?!! I'm sorry but if a person can provide lab results or if as a mother u feel comfortable buying milk from another mother.. then that's great!! There risks involved.. and usually it is on a honor system.. It would be nice if selling breast milk was more closely regulated.. but don't completely knock it!! I myself am I mother of 2 and I have Soo much milk that I do donate... But it would be nice to get paid.

  9. Those of you making your argument based on fear should do more research. Human milk is better for babies than anything else.Buying it from anywhere is more natural than feeding it formula.Regulate yourselves!This type of arrangement is ancient in origin. Granted its not for everyone, taking precations, as with chosing schooling or daycare options,should be fairly straightforward.

  10. I am looking for some human colostrum.
    I have 3 auto immune diseases. I have researched cancer and auto immune diseases for 17 yrs now. I am convinced that human colostrum is my only hope of ever recovering from these conditions

    Yes it sounds weird, but if you do research you will see this is by far so much better for babies than corn syrup baby formaula and I believe 1 day the medical world will wake up and this will become a treatment for auto immune diseases