Friday, October 28, 2011

Going back to work!!!

So... this has been a big week for us all!
I got 2 job offers, the new daycare I want the kids in, is opening up next week and Ben is crawling and climbing as fast as lightening!!

Yup - 2 job offers. It all happened kind of quick and kind of random but I am super happy to say that I was able to choose from 2 VERY nice job opportunities for going back to work FT.

I am going to be working for my old company - from my home office - with a one day a week commute to the main office. (it's about an hour each way)

I will be doing a little recruiting/HR but mainly, a brand new, totally challenging, business analyst job. The fact that I will be working from home means that my lunch "breaks" and "commuting time" will be used to do small things around the house instead of eating, like laundry or dinner prep so that after 5 pm, things won't be as crazy as when you have to commute to and from a job every day. The kids will be at a daycare 5 minutes away and since my husband works 5 minutes away - we can share the drop off/pick up of the kids, doctors appointments and sick days!

The daycare we are putting the kids in is all inclusive. So, I don't have to pack diapers for Ben, or lunch and snacks for Katie. That will help significantly with the packing/unpacking portion of the day that a lot of working moms complain of.

The crockpot will be my new best friend, as well as freezing meals on weekends to throw in the oven so that we can still eat around 5:30 most days.

I am so excited to be going back to work, and even more excited because it's going to be such a different position than what I was doing before.

This also means that we will be kicking it into high gear on the house search!

Big Big week for us around here!
I plan on celebrating with Dunkin Donuts Hot Chocolate since I have lost my taste for alcohol!!! :)

Any working moms have any other time saving ideas for starting daycare??? I see crock pots meals, sandwiches and casseroles made over the weekend as being the focal point of our nightly meals. What do you do when your kids aren't awake when you have to leave in the morning? Who is responsible for drop off/pick up?

We will be sharing the responsibility depending on our work schedules.

I'm so excited, nervous, happy all at the same time that I can't stand it. I have 1 and half weeks before I start FT and I hope to be able to start the kids FT next week to iron out any kinks and selfishly, to get a little time for myself before things get crazy again!

Happy November everyone!

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