Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Candy

I know a lot of parents don't love Halloween but I LOVE IT. I think there is nothing sweeter than all the little munchkins dressed up, walking around and asking for candy.
I truly enjoy it!

So.... my post today is about the SWAG! What do you do with your kids Halloween candy?
Do you let them have it all?
Do you let them eat candy as they trick or treat?
Do you inspect it for needles and poison and torn wrappers. (I remember doing this as a kid)
Do you let them keep the candy to eat during the weeks after Halloween?
Do you take it work?

Do you let your kids use pillow cases or do you buy fancy bags, containers for it?

What time do you take your kids out?

Katie didn't get much last year because she was so little that she didn't last long and it was COLD so we went to a few houses and came home. She doesn't eat a lot of candy normally (was never really into it and we certainly never pushed it on her) so it was no big deal what her candy disappeared after like 3 days.

This year will be different. She has an amazing ability to inventory everything and I am sure she will keep tabs on what goes in her fancy schmancy Thomas the Train Candy bucket (courtesy of her grandparents - it's adorable)

Ben is so small, that I am sure we will want to go out as early as possible so as to not disrupt bedtime too much - but if Katie is having a really good time, I suppose we could split up and she could stay out a little longer.

I used to think it was weird when people went out before it was dark, but now that I have little kids I am SO HAPPY that people around here do that because it means we can go out and get back before it gets REALLY cold and it won't ruin bedtime - so I'm hoping to be out by 5 pm and back by 6 pm. (although out by 4 would be even better:))

Wishful thinking probably - but that's the idea, timeline for me.

How about you?


  1. this is the first big year for halloween since Jake knows what is going on. we did pick out a little pumpkin bag to go trick or treating and he asked me where the candy was when we bought it (apparently he forgot about the actual trick or treating part). we let him have a piece of candy that night after we are done trick of treating. I like to go early, but it's definitely a later than usual night (if we're in by 7 - 7:30 I am happy). I don't check for needles - but I do remember that as a kid - and I do check to make sure the candy he is allowed to eat is sealed. I am the Halloween Buzzkill, though, and I would much prefer to go to houses and get granola bars and boxes of raisins. Seems much more practical - I mean, who needs all of that candy? but I guess that's part of the halloween fun.

  2. JC usually rocks a few streets in our neighborhood. 95% of the candy goes to work with me the following day but whatever can be used as a reward later gets saved...oh and some of the good chocolate goes in the freezer for mom and dad cause we work hard too. I do have a cute painted bucket that we bought when JC was just a few months old for his 1st Halloween. I must admit I don't check for needles but I won't let him have anything that isn't sealed either. I think he usually gets 1-2 pieces to eat that night, depending on what he chooses. We usually start out about 5:30, since I don't get home until 5pm. I like to be back within an hour so we can hand out our candy and JC can help. Then it's bath and bed as usual. I turn out my light when JC goes to bed. Happy Halloween! Christine