Sunday, October 30, 2011

Name Bubbles Take 2

O.k. so as I finalize the details of my return to work, I keep finding myself playing around with the Name Bubbles website to create mock ups of what Ben's Daycare labels will look like.

Here is my trouble - there are too many adorable options to choose from! I know I want something that is going to be bright and stand out because Katie's labels match some of her stuff so her teachers don't notice them. (plus I think we need to change where we put the labels on her cups, and food containers to make sure it's the first thing they see.)

So, I have done this about 4 times and just haven't pulled the trigger yet because I just want to pick the right ones.

I know, what's the big deal. I just think they are adorable and I feel such pressure to get them "right" There are 42 different pictures to choose from if you want to pick the icon style. Right now, I'm partial to the guitar since my hubby plays. Then on top of all the cute pictures to choose from, you have to pick from 24 color combinations. Some are more boyish and some are girlish, but I feel they have some very nice gender neutral options as well.

I love these things. They have stayed in all of Katie's clothes after repeated washings and haven't budged on any of her cups or food containers, despite the fact that we REFUSE to wash dishes by hand around here and they go through the dishwasher every night.

I'm having a hard time picking which "pack" I should order because the kids aren't allowed to take any toys to school with them, so it will just be bottles, food containers, clothes and eventually - shoes. So, I think I will order the sampler pack because as cute as the shaped labels are, I just don't think we have any use for them right now.

I think these would be a great idea for people who work in places with shared refrigerators and lots of people instead of writing your name on your tupperware. You don't have to choose icon pictures, you can pick monogram styles and they will not look like they were intended for kids.

I think I'm gonna place my order tonight in anticipation of finalizing my new job tomorrow. Maybe it will be my good luck.

Either way, check them out - you will love them.

OH, and as a friend pointed out, they have fund raising options - so maybe this is a good idea for your school or organization too!

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