Monday, October 3, 2011

Name Bubbles

I was so excited to get my "media" packet from Name Bubbles today. They sent me some samples to test and review and to be honest, I was only expecting one type of label.

I received shoe labels called Bubble Toes, Bitty Bubbles for clothes, Fun Bubbles, Shaped Bubbles and Giant Bubbles.

They are all dishwasher or laundry safe. They are also the most adorable things I've seen in a long time! I want to label everything! I immediately started pulling out her stuff so that I could try them out.

Katie LOVES them. She was so excited and wanted to know what she could put the pretty stickers on! I understand her enthusiasm

There are TONS of designs, colors, font options and motifs to choose from.
Fun, playful pictures, modern designs, colors that pop against whatever you are putting them on and the fact that they are washing safe is a huge time saver.

(Previously, we had been using a Sharpie to write her name every day on her lunch items... how boring and how time consuming as we have to do it after every time it gets washed.

I have labeled a few of Katie's items for testing and am happy to report that her cups come out of the dishwasher with the label still in tact and with no color fading. Her clothes that went in the laundry came out with the label in the exact place I put them on.

I love, love, love these labels. I can't wait to find something to put the larger ICON ones on that are in the shape of a train. (She can't wait either, cause she keeps asking where we can put them)

Overall, I couldn't be happier. I think the baby is going to be headed to daycare soon as I go back to work, so I am excited to pick out colors, designs for his stuff too.

Check them out, you won't be sorry!!!

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