Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Creating an environment of support

I am sad that breastfeeding is over for me. I am sad that we had to give up after 7 months of exclusive nursing with no break because my son never took a bottle.

I am however, happy that he is sleeping better at night and that we now know how much he is eating at every feeding.

I am sad at how mean spirited the blog turned both from my original posting and the comments that ensued.

I would like to be able to continue having conversations on here that support each other and the way that I worded my inability to understand why some moms choose not to breastfeed was not conducive to that, nor were the comments that followed - so I took it down because I do want this to be a place for discussion without judgment and I didn't accomplish that.

I am sorry that I offended people and that my words were judgemental, but I still hold on to the fact that I support breastfeeding and sticking to it as long as you can. Every one has a choice and I hope that people make their choices for the right reasons and perhaps it's not up to me or you to decide what the right reason is for each other.

Breastfeeding was right for me up until this weekend and I am sad that it is over, but I am SOOOOO looking forward to wearing normal bras again and not leaking randomly. That's for sure.

Thank you for posting comments to get the conversation/argument going and for making me see that it was not a supportive posting but a one sided and apparently hurtful one. Things like this only make people better and I hope to be able to proceed with fun/insightful/supportive posts that generate comments of the same nature.

After all, we are all in this together as parents are we not?


  1. did you delete the nursing post? don't be sorry for posting your opinion, it's your blog! and parenting is full of hot topics. we all have our own ways of doing things and it's all about figuring out what works best for us and for our own families. I would hate to have you censor or fell the need to watch what you say/ how you say things just because some don't agree - and if they don't agree, then they should have the right to say so as well. so much of parenting is controversial. we just ned to remember that even if we don't agree, we should still respect eachother.

  2. Annie- I just want you to know I LOVE YOUR BLOG. It's one of the first things I look at when I get to work. Yesterday's blog about breastfeeding I thought was yet another great post. Did I breastfeed-no. Did I try-kind of. Did I do what was best for me and my family- heck yea. Do I know what I will do when/if I have another kid-nope. So I want you to know that I enjoy reading about what you are going through (though I must admit it sometimes makes me lean more towards not breastfeeding again after all you have been through- even though I know you are all for it.) Everyone has their thoughts, opinions, and compaints but I just want you to know that I find yours insightful. Makes me want to be a better blogger and also helps me to remember the most important thing in my world is my child...not that I can ever forget.
    Love you girl

  3. thanks ladies. the comments went from opinions to attacks and I felt it was best to just nip it in the bud. Christine, I don't know what I would do if I EVER Had another baby (which is NOT in my plans at all - but life happens.. right) I think that my attachment to nursing was because I was home - so I figured it was the least I could do - for us it was bittersweet because he was so attached - however breaking him from that was easier than I thought and he still got almost 7 months of breastmilk.. so I'd say it was all good in the end.
    I also will never know how this experience would have been different had my thyroid not shut down, causing the frustration, moodiness and exhaustion that made nursing that much harder... and you are right - we do what is right for us and our families - and we all have different motivations that help us to make those decisions.:)

  4. P.s. I still think that the decision to not breastfeed is a selfish one. Particularly as all of the research and experts and even formula companies tell you that breastmilk is best - so if you choose not to do that when you are physically able to then you are choosing to not do so for yourself - not for you child - this is not a judgement - it is fact - if it was a selfless decision, everyone would do it no matter what. Everyone is different and breastfeeding doesn't always work perfectly for every mom/baby combo - but I think you should make an honest effort and do it as long as you can to at least get them started on all the good stuff!