Thursday, October 20, 2011

My favorite gifts for new moms

A FB post today made me want to re-post about my favorite things to give a new mom.
A medicine kit!

I like to include:
  • Infant Ibuprofen
  • Infant Aspirin
  • Saline Drops
  • Cornstarch Powder
  • Different Diaper Creams
  • Mylicon
  • Vapor Bath
These items are INVALUABLE to a new mom, particularly as colds come on QUICK and sometimes at night so there isn't time to run out and buy this stuff... Plus, as a new mom, you might not know which types of stuff to buy, so a little instruction with the kit can help out a WHOLE LOT! My cousin gave me a kit like this that was pre-made at my baby shower and it ended up being one of the best gifts ever!

I don't suggest getting the pre-made kids because you can't see the expiration dates on the individual items so you might be giving an expired gift (sucks I know, they should really regulate that stuff)
Also, you won't know if the items inside are a part of a recall.

I also like to make diaper cakes with different brands/types of diapers. I find that every kid is different and what works for some, doesn't work for all and it's helpful for a new mom to get to try one or two of one kind instead of having to buy a whole package only to find out they don't work.

I gotta run, it's baby hat making time for a brand new little bundle of joy that just arrived and then it's on to some craft fair crocheting... I'm making breakfast sets with eggs, bacon and toast:)

Happy Thursday!

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