Saturday, August 13, 2011

Nosefrida The Snot Sucker

This product is AMAZING. I wish I had had it for Katie and all her little runny noses and colds last year!

I first saw this on the Rachael Ray Show and they showed a video on how to use it and I literally did a double take because I couldn't believe the woman in the video was sucking snots from her kids nose with her mouth - but what they didn't say is that there is a filtering device that ENSURES THAT NO BOOGERS GET ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR MOUTH.

So, I thought I'd try it out because I have seen nothing but good reviews about it online and I just HAD to see for myself.

Fast Forward to today - my poor Katie has allergies - clear runny nose all day long. She does know how to "blow" her nose - although it's hit or miss and sometimes she just sucks them back in again. Regular nasal aspirators never work for me. The opening is too small and they are awkward to hold and squeeze the bulb while holding your screaming, thrashing child still so that you don't hurt them.

Katie reluctantly allowed me to try this on her yesterday. The opening is a great size because it allows for just the right amount of suction. The fact that you use your mouth to "suck" the boogers out allows for more control and better sucking power. (I got a little over enthusiastic I think at one point and had to catch my breath hahaha)

Now, the good and bad thing is that the tube that collects the snots is clear so you can watch as the snots come out of the nose. It takes a little getting used to cause it's kind of gross, but at the same time, seeing the snot start to come out, gave me more motivation to make sure I got it all out - so I found the grossness factor was outweighed by the "YEAH I GOT YOU SNOTS" feeling I had. I like instant gratification, can you tell.

There is no pain or fear for the child because it's not scary after the first time you do it. In fact, I used a tissue later in the day and Katie asked, "why not the booger machine" So, I think she prefers it too.

There are little blue filters that you put into the tube to prevent any snots from getting into your mouth - trust me - I sucked those snots out and didn't get ANYTHING in my mouth. The entire unit comes apart for cleaning and is even dishwasher safe (top rack) and is BPA and Phthalate free.

If you have kids - you need this. Especially if your kids have snot issues. I swear it's amazing and it really, really, really works. This combined with some saline drops will be a lifesaver for Katie's next cold - and my kid will never be the kid with the dry yucky snots in her nose because the bulb didn't work, again:)

P.s. the packaging is ADORABLE and cute packaging makes me happy:)

Thank you NoseFrida for an awesome product!!!!
(I just love when products work)

Check out the funny video they have posted here on their website!

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