Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How Peapod is saving my sanity

I know, I know - Peapod to a lot of people seems like the lazy way to grocery shop. I get it.
I used to LOVE grocery shopping. In fact, when I first got my license it was my favorite thing to do! My mom would send me out with a list and her car and I was in heaven. (granted looking back I realize, I didn't have to cook the food, pay for it or pay for the gas or car even- so of course it was fun!)

Anyways - fast forward to now. 30 years old (and proud I might add) with 2 kids - living in a house (which takes A LOT of work to keep up with 2 kids staying home full time) and being the head of the house - because let's face it - the Woman is the head of the house. (My hubby might be bringing home the money, but I'm managing it:)

There are gym classes, play dates, park trips, naps, feedings, a house to clean, clothes to wash, meals to prepare, etc... the last thing I want to do is strap the baby into the baby harness (because he's already out of his infant car seat - so I can't put him in the cart yet) and push a toddler in a cart - all the while trying to keep to a list, match up coupons and get the best deals before one of them realizes that grocery shopping is not fun! My kids are angels compared to most, I realize this - but I get frazzled and can't concentrate and rush and then it results in me having to go back multiple times for things I forgot or decided to forget about to get home before naptime.

So... I have taken to Pea Pod. Not every shopping trip - but at least once or twice a month. It's my one luxury in life. I go online, while drinking an icy cold drink or a hot cup of coffee - or while I wait for the pasta to boil and I slowly piece together my shopping list.

Here is what I do to keep it cheap (ish) I only shop from the sale items AND I use coupons. Since I stay at home, I can also utilize their "green" delivery times which makes it a little cheaper. They also have a function where you pay by e-check which makes it cost a little less too.

So, I figure - if I save enough in coupons to cover the deliver/tip charges (which are nominal if you think about it!) then I don't feel as guilty. It allows me to multi- task while I shop but I stay more organized and create better meal plans. Then at that lovely time of day you chose, the "grocery man" as we call them in my house, rings your door bell and carries all those heavy bags straight into your kitchen so all you have to do is put the food away.


I also try to stock up on stuff so that I buy enough that the delivery charge goes down even more and then I don't have to go out for certain things for even longer. In particular I like to stock up on heavy items.... because hey, they are carrying them - not me... is that bad??

Anyway - I think it's worth the money. Once you do it enough times and if you tend to buy the same stuff every week minus a few special items - you can get your grocery shopping done by clicking a few buttons and it will generate a list for you automatically which makes it take 5 - 10 minutes MAX!! No crying kids, no waiting in line at the check out, no diaper changes in the middle of a shopping trip and no kids demanding they NEED THE CARS cheez its because - it's CARS - even if they have never had Cheez it's in their life!

Win, Win.
Anyone else use Pea Pod? or a similar shop at home service? I have also done the Shop Rite order online and pick up at the store which is convenient too - but I prefer the walk it to my kitchen service of peapod... and it CAN be cheaper if you shop sales and use coupons!
Don't forget - stop and shop doubles coupons under 1.00 too!

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  1. I really love grocery shopping. In our old place, we were VERY lucky because Stop and Shop was across the street. The kids have always been awesome in the grocery store. and since I stay at home, it's nice to take my time and get my shopping for the week done (after all of the coupons and deal searches)). However, the one thing you mentioned that I HATE is carrying the groceries into the house. NOT FUN. and nearly impossible with a toddler and a baby. Jake always wants to help so I keep some bags very light (like a bag with just bread or just toilet paper) so he feels like he is helping and Aidan has to hang out in the house while I rush in and out like a crazy lady. I think I would like PeaPod for the convenience of having the "grocery man" walk those groceries right into my house! :)