Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sesame Place rocks my world

If you follow my personal page on FB, then you know I have a little obsession with Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pa - similar to how some people obsess about Disney.

Let me tell you why!!

It's only an hour and 15 minutes away from where we live - which makes it an easy day trip.
We took Katie as an infant with some friends who had a toddler at the time and were able to enjoy ourselves because all the rides are adult friendly and we got to get pictures of her with the characters while she was little AND under 2 is free.

The following year, we got season passes and went about 6 times during the summer. We would get up, pack the car, the cooler and set off to get there for opening. We didn't have to pay for parking because we had one season pass that included parking and one regular season pass. (They have different levels) Katie would be so excited and patient on the car ride and then get giddy as soon as she saw the Big Bird Welcome Sign.

There are wet and dry rides and a place where you can wait in line to take pictures with characters and they are VERY good about letting you take as many pictures with your own cameras as you would like.

They also walk the characters around the park for pictures and are great and organized about having people wait in line to see and take pictures. We went May, June and July and then one time in August. The August trip was the worst because by that point, the park gets very crowded and people are gross - so the bathrooms and everything else are just dirtier and messier and it's just harder to enjoy it. My daughter however never noticed a thing.

With season passes you also get 30% off most things you buy in the park. So, they more than paid for themselves last year. We even took her back in October for their special Spooktacular where they do Halloween stuff and the dry rides stay open.

You can bring a cooler into the park and the parking lot is SO close to the entrance that we would bring the cooler in with our lunch at opening at 10 and then take it back out after we ate to save space in our stroller. They have dine with me programs which we took advantage of once and Katie was head over heels. It was well worth the money for the awful breakfast food. (luckily they carry yogurt and cereal:))
This year with an infant, I have to honestly say I'm sad that we haven't been able to go as much. Dave took Katie on a special daddy, daughter date last month and I was so bummed when they called to check in because I knew I was missing out on a great day.

Sesame Street has become a HUGE part of our lives and I am so happy that Sesame Place has helped that. For Halloween last year - we kept the obsession alive with home made costumes - all requested by Katie. I only hope that Ben likes Sesame Street as much as Katie did because I can already see us at the park next summer - all summer long. In fact, season passes are on sale now where you can get them NOW for the rest of the summer and get all of next year free too - I might have to splurge and do this because Ben will be big enough by Halloween and maybe it will be time for his first trip to Sesame.
If I never get to Disney in my life with my kids, I will die happy - because we have Sesame Place and it has brought lots of joy to our lives with our kids and really hasn't been all that expensive.

So... if you have little ones... GO
Just try to go during the week when it's a little less crowded and make sure you take some patience with you because it is a crowded theme park but your kid will have a GREAT TIME!

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