Monday, August 8, 2011

When Tired is not JUST TIRED!

I'm not one to go to the Doctor unless absolutely necessary. Even when I'm pregnant - I just don't get super nervous about being sick etc....
But, the past few months I have been MISERABLE. I'm talking walking zombie, moody, hot flashes, headaches all the time and stiff neck. Now... breastfeeding is tough and I do have to get up 2 times at night at least - but when I first brought Ben home and was up ALL NIGHT, I had more energy than I have now.
It doesn't matter how much sleep I manage to grab during the day, morning and night - I was really really really desperate to find out what was wrong. I knew it wasn't just that I was tired.

I even told my husband that if the doctor said I had to eat fish and it would magically make me feel better - that I would do it - no questions asked. (I HATE fish)

So, on a suggestion of a friend, I went to the doctor and requested that they take some blood. I was expecting my iron count to be low and was prepared for that. The physicians assistant that I saw, told me she was almost 100% sure that I was just tired from being home with kids and that I was more run down than I realized and that stress can do horrible things to your body. I went home miserable because that only meant that there was nothing more we could do to change how I felt other than continue to go to bed at 8 when the kids were down and sleep as much as possible and HOPE I had some energy during the day.

The next day, we went on a family outing to Van Saun Park in Paramus NJ. The place is AMAZING. They have a carousel, a zoo, a train ride and PONY rides.

Well, I hit my rock bottom that day. I was the biggest B$*ch on the planet, (my poor husband) and was suffering from horrific hot flashes and about to get ANOTHER headache - I seriously cried because I HATE the new me. The always tired, cranky, b$%chy, hot, fuzzy headed me.

We came home and I took a nap. When I woke up the doctors office called with my blood work results and she told me that My Thyroid Hormone was seriously Low.


She asked if I had ever been diagnosed before and was surprised when I said no. I asked her if she could give me more information and she ACTUALLY told me to look it up online. Needless to say I will be finding a new DOCTORS office and an endocrinologist ASAP.

I have to take meds now every day. Supposedly they can start working in a few days and I will feel like my old self. Your thyroid pretty much manages your entire body function and explains why I was having all the symptoms I was having.

Relief. At least now I know I'm not just destined to be a cranky B$%ch for the rest of my life and that there is an end in sight to my ridiculous exhaustion!

So... now begins a journey of finding out as much as I can about this "diagnosis" and making sure that my old self comes back because it's been a long time since we've all seen her and we miss her terribly.

So... moral of the story - sometimes it's good to go see a doctor and sometimes you need to push to have them do bloodwork or get a second opinion because If I had let her, that PA would have sent me home with a prescription for more sleep and my problem could have ballooned into something MUCH more serious.

Thank god for FB - because I have already linked up with 4 or 5 friends on there who suffer from the same thing and are already offering information and support. Yay for technology. FB is my new Best Friend as it constantly provides me with friends who can offer just what I need and to whom I can offer so much!

So... the next few days I might be a little quiet, but I will be back with a vengeance and I will be making this blog kick ass! Mark my words - we will have a great time!

Thank you for patience and support!!!!


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  1. Just smiling and thanking God that you will feel better soon. Daily medication isn't that bad when it helps your body regulate what it can not on it's own. Lots of love.