Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Binkie Fairy bit me in the A**

A few weeks ago, I decided the Binky Fairy was coming to my house to take away my daughters binkies once and for all. She ONLY takes them for nap time and gave them back to me as soon as she woke up with NO questions or problems - but I thought it was time she gave them up.

When I first brought up the Binky Fairy - My daughter told me that she thought maybe I was the binky fairy, and that I wanted her binkies.... (this kid is a smartie pants ) so I dropped it. But then she asked about it and finally after a few days, we rounded up all her binkies and put them in a basket to leave outside her door for the binky fairy to take. (She got $10 for her binkies and a certificate from the Binky Fairy)

It worked. She asked for them for a few days at nap time but never cried or put up a fight or anything... I thought we were golden -

except she stopped napping.

3 weeks went by and she only napped maybe 4 or 5 times TOTAL the whole 3 weeks. In the meantime, I had hit rock bottom in terms of feeling awful from my thyroid problem and was just diagnosed and told to rest as much as I could - so naptime was essential to me getting through my day until my husband came home - even though the baby doesn't nap at the same time - but just to give me a little quiet time.

I waited, and waited and waited. She napped ONCE at my parents house - but that is because my dad took her to the local track an she literally ran like a 1/2 mile and was EXHAUSTED (she LOVES running - this wasn't a punishment haha)

So... this mommy made the executive decision to give her her binky back and see what happened.
I wasn't sure how to talk to her about it - so I didn't. I found a binky she had never seen or used before and left it on her pillow. She thinks she found it in her hair because she rolled around on it and then felt it - works for me.

She used it that first day and was asleep in 5 minutes.

I know, I know. A lot of moms would criticize me for going back but here is what I think -
1) I was desperate. I needed her to nap for a little during the day because she has a cold and was run down and EXHAUSTED and she isn't making up for the loss of sleep anywhere else.
2) Until the dentist tells me that her 2 hours of binky use a day are causing damage to her teeth - I figure if she needs it for naptime - she can have it.

It's the best decision I have made in a long time because she was so much happier after her nap yesterday!

She didn't nap today - but that's cause she had to poop and was refusing to and she can't sleep when she has that issue- but she rested in her crib for 2 hours with NO complaints.

Baby steps I guess - she might need a pacifier to nap during the day - but she's been potty trained for almost a year now - so I'll take my wins where I can.

next challenge is getting her into a big girl bed - I'm starting to get antsy - so once the napping gets back on schedule - we will introduce that and see how that goes

Sometimes as parents, we have to go with our gut and my gut told me she needed to nap MORE than she needed to give up the binky - so I gave it back - anyone else have a similar experience?


  1. We had a lot of pooping issue with Pearl, she was pooping in her pull-up way after she was pee-potty trained. The pediatrician told us to put Miralax in her sippy cup everyday until she was regularly pooping in the potty. That stuff is magic! She started using the potty to poop the day we brought the baby home and has not looked back! I don't out much of it in her juice anymore, only if its been a day or so since she's gone. I don't know if that helps, but it worked for us!

  2. Each child has their own comfort. For JC it is the tag on his stuffed dog (he spit his bink out at me at 3 months when I think he figured out there was no food coming from all that sucking). For Katie it's a binky. I say as long as she is not walking around in public still sucking on that thing you are fine.
    Enjoy nap time!!!!