Friday, June 8, 2012

My sick kids break my heart

8 days. 8 days back at full day preschool and Katie is sick again.

Me: Katie - are you ok? Do you feel like you're going to throw up
Katie - NO I feel fine
Me -Are you sure?
Katie - I want to go upstairs and lay in bed (never a good sign)
Me - ok Katie - let's go
Katie - Carry me
Me - of course
we get to the top of the stairs and she says in a rush
that's when I knew we were screwed.

My immediate reaction was to throw Baba far away from us out of the line of fire (success)
As I'm turning to try to get her into the bathroom - she proceeds to throw up all over me and her while screaming I DON'T HAVE TO THROW UP.

Not sure if you have experience with this, but when your child is talking while puking, it does something to the volume and direction of the puke which makes a ridiculous mess.

Now, I have a bowl of cereal all over me, the floor, (my bare foot) and Katie (baba was saved due to our combined quick thinking)

Inside I'm screaming EW EW EW EW EW GROSS
outside I'm saying, it's ok Katie as I stroke her puke filled hair and trying to clean her up to make her not embarrassed.

We strip down, I clean her up - put her in bed and get ready to clean up the breakfast mess.

My day continued like this for awhile.

Not sure if it's cause she's little or what, but there is no way for me to get her to puke into a "bucket" or anything because she freaks out and insists she's ok and then it's just too late.

So, I put towels on the floor in hopes that we could aim any future puke there. My only warning when she would actually throw up was if she suddenly threw Baba away from her.

We always tell her, if you are going to spit up (throw up) get Baba out of the way so we don't have to take him away to clean him - she takes this seriously which is super helpful - cause he's the only thing that makes her feel better.

I spent the afternoon, watching for her to push Baba away - grabbing one of the towels near me and basically creating a towel bowl for her to throw up into. We even succeeded one time to having her aim it off over the couch onto a stack of  towels I had put there for that purpose.

Poor baby.
She hates puking so much that she tries really hard NOT to - which just makes it worse - and I had a hard time not laughing at how much she kept  insisting she didn't have to throw up - even in the middle of a long puke.

Then she was hungry, thirsty and sad - and I couldn't give her food.

I finally gave her some saltines cause she was pitiful and told her to eat them slow - she took one bite every 2 mins - and small sips of water.

Yeah, I got that on me about a half hour later on the way to bed.

Here's what I've learned/realized over the past few days:

1) I hate Puke
2) I hate puke a little less when it's my kid
3) I'm really good at catching puke in a towel
4) I'm really good at pretending not to care about vomit being on me to make her feel better
    when realistically, I'm dying inside
6) Saying you don't have to throw up, while you are throwing up only makes the situation worse
7) Having a sad 3 year old crying for water in the middle of the night and not being able to give it to
    her because she'll throw it up has got to be the worst, awful feeling in the world.
8) Asking her to take small sips when all she wants to do is chug it - makes me cry because I know         she's thirsty and hungry
9) Not being able to do anything about how uncomfortable she is makes me cry
10) My husband is a rockstar for sleeping on the floor next to her bed to try to make her feel better
      I would have been a hysterical mess every time she asked for water or cried.
11) I was NOT prepared for just how often my kids would get sick being at daycare....

They are at the doctors office now - let's hope for some sort of diagnosis and medicine


  1. While we were in the Bahamas Nic woke up in the middle of the night and puked all over me... We were sharing a bed on vacation. Her response was what's happening mommy!! I actually laughed in her face lol. She was good about making it to the toilet but imagine being stuck in a hotel room with a puking child not fun at all!!!! Good luck! These things usually only last 24 Hrs so hopefully the worst is over

  2. I can totally relate to this. As far as getting them to puke in a bucket, I always told Jake (the two times he's been throw up sick) that if he feels funny, to sit with the bucket. I remember one night walkng into his room because he was whimpering and wanted water and I found him sitting cross-legged in the middle of his bed with the bucket in his lap. It is a sad sight. and he used to always say "I didn't want to do that" after he would throw up. funny and sad. Hope they are feeling better! I agree - daycare = germs. Jake manages to take down the whole house when he brings home a bug.

  3. Seeing your kid suffer without being able to do anything is one of the most heartbreaking experiences any parent has to endure. So, what was the doctor’s diagnosis of Katie’s condition? I hope none of your kids get sick again, but in case any of them does and starts to vomit, it is best to keep them hydrated at all times. When they vomit, they lose a lot of fluids, which puts them in danger of dehydration. I suggest you also put a small bucket near your child, so she can just use that to catch her vomit. This way, you won’t have to wash towels soaked in all kinds of stuff!

  4. Well, it’s really gross when you see someone throwing up. What’s worse is when she throws up on you. But, it’s very different on your case. It was you daughter who was sick, so you really have no choice but to be there and assist her. I think this kind of scenario is just normal for us parents. Many of us have experienced this for sure.