Monday, March 21, 2011

Labor sucks but Delivery is a piece of cake Part DEUX

O.k. so I left off where the cute German doctor who didn't know my name had just allowed Dave to be my support person during the spinal block/epidural sticking/placement. If you've ever had one, you can imagine my surprise at that because it's only like, the most important part of getting anasthesia and SUPER dangerous since they put the feed into your spine.

While they were inserting it - and I was crying and still shaking and everything else - the lady had moved a little monitor thingy to my toe - so I was like, "Did you just put something on my toe what the hell is on my toe???" and apparently that was hysterical because the nurses kept saying how despite what was going on, I kept making them laugh - so I suppose there was no real danger considering I was able to joke still.

So.... fast forward - the line is in (it took like not even a minute ) and dreamy german doctor shot some magic liquid into the line and as soon as it hit my body, the pain was gone.

That shit is no joke.

Now, I guess my blood pressure worried them at that point, but I was in pain free heaven apologizing to everyone and Dave because I thought I had just sprained his neck I was pulling on him and concentrating so hard while they did the block.

(P.s. I think they should always let husbands be that person - as it made me way calmer and made me feel safer somehow to have it be Dave that I was talking to while they did that - so perhaps if you cry enough - and you like your husband enough, they will let you do the same when your time comes!!!)

It's now like 12:20 and all the chaos has settled. I am laying peacefully in my bed talking MORE AND FASTER than I normally talk (yes I am dead serious)- completely doped up.

Apparently, something is in that magic little shot can make you extremely warm and itchy - so I was talking very intently about how itchy it was, and scratching all over my body and I kept telling the nurses that I could never be a junkie if this is what it feels like! I was super concerned with them knowing I couldn't be a junkie as I repeated this for about 20 minutes here and there. It was seriously trippy!

But, I was pain free, felt a million times calmer and was ready to have this baby. So, all we had to do was wait.
and wait
and wait

Drugs slow down the labor process and as fast as he had been coming pre-epidural, he slowed down ten fold as I stopped dilating until about 7 PM later that night. Which ultimately was ok - because I was comfortable so at the end of the day - I'm ok with that.

My wonderfully, adorable doctor came over after his office hours, my sweet nurses kept checking on me and joking with me and refusing to let me eat (bitches ;)) and Dave and I tried to find something fun to watch on tv - which ended up being Princess Bride which I like, but am not super fond of - but dave LOVES, so I let him watch it.

The doctor came in and checked me, broke my water and said within 2 hours we should be done. He also suggested we stop the drip a little early because it was slowing things down and I told him I trusted him - so to do it. He assured me we could always put it back on.

They put me on pitocin around 8 and then the doctor came back around 9.

They checked me to see if I had dilated, chatted a bit, got organized - made the table do it's transformer thing. (I am obsessed with the transformer tables - they seriously amaze me) We found out Dave wouldn't have to hold my leg this time, which made me very happy and then he got dressed into his delivery gear.

He said - we should be able to do this quickly and peacefully and not rush and not too hard.
I told him "before we start this, I don't need any mirror and I don't want to feel him crowning so you don't have to worry about any of that!"

I pushed like 5 peaceful, easy times and by 9:13 - Ben was on my belly getting cleaned up.

I'm telling you - delivery is a breeze for me. I could deliver babies all day - it's the labor part that sucked this time.

All in all, it all worked out PERFECTLY.
  • Our parents were all together - taking AWESOME care of Katie
  • she wasn't freaked out at all and took visiting VERY well
  • I had saved my dad from going to Canada
  • Dave had made it through delivery feeling kind of ok considering he had the flu
and we had a BEAUTIFUL baby boy with a full head of hair who wasn't wrinkly which are my only 2 requests from my newborns when they come out!

The only down side was my 2nd night in the hospital I had to send Dave home because he had taken a turn for the worse and looked and sounded awful and I wanted to make sure he got a good nights sleep - so I spent that night alone. At the end of the day - I need him as healthy and ready to go as possible - so I sacrificed being cared for and having support that night so that he could spend time with Katie and get some sleep - I'm a mom through and through what can I say?

As for now. My recovery is going AWESOMELY- I've barely even taken any pain meds today and feel like a million bucks. I am ten times more recovered at this stage than I was with Katie . Ben is doing very well with breastfeeding and had made my milk come in by the first night home.

Hello Betty Boobs... that will be my next post - so if you have experience with breastfeeding - I'll be looking for it:)

Gotta go feed my man - we both just woke up from a 2 plus hour nap:)

Thanks for reading.

Hope it wasn't too detailed for you.


  1. I loved your story and so glad your delivery went well! I just wish my second went that well! Lol!! I had a C-section with Emma after an epidural and 14 hours of labor so I had one planned with Conor too. Surprisingly, he showed up 3 weeks early. I worked until midnight and contractions started shortly after that. By the time we got to the hospital and met my sister to take Emma, it was almost 4 am. I had Conor at 5:21am without drugs cause it was already too late! They didn't even get a chance to have my mom or Pat suit up! I can laugh about it now but my God it was painful!! I definitely recommend drugs!! Lol

  2. Way to go Annie! I am so happy for you and Dave and Katie and Ben! What a beautiful family! Can't wait to read more and see more photos! Many blessings to you ALL!