Thursday, July 14, 2011


I know, I know... my postings have been few and far between and it makes me sad because I really enjoy blogging. Life with 2 kids has taken every single spare moment I have. I was also trying to keep my Part Time consulting gig online but have finally decided that it is just entirely too much stress for not enough money so I am going to quit because every spare second was going into trying to work and there really aren't many spare moment when your kids sleep on opposite schedules.

So, in some ways I feel better because that weight has been lifted off my shoulders, but in another I'm sad because I really like working. I like making my own money and using my brain in different ways and love the challenge - but my sanity comes first right? So, I will get back to working when I can and will just work for the rest of my life... so for now - it's time to enjoy being a stay at home mom!

Updates - Katie is still a total rock star with Ben. She doesn't get jealous isn't overly smothering to him but I can trust her alone with him which is GREAT for when I have to run upstairs, etc....

For being 2.5 - she is continuing to surprise us with only being cranky or"bad" if she's overtired. No terrible 2's here - at least not how everyone else describes them. We get some drama and tears every once in awhile but for the most part. her behavior is incredible. She helps me around the house, she cleans up her toys and time outs have ceased to be an issue. (meaning we don't have to do them anymore)

I know this won't last forever, but I am enjoying it while I can.

Ben is the happiest and most social baby ever! We are still nursing because he won't take a bottle but this weekend we will try to break him of that because I need some sleep. So, even if we can just get him a bottle once every week, that will be enough for me. He is having sleep troubles and wakes up a few times a night which is really sucky since before we went away, he was waking up only once.

I think he's teething, and learning to roll over and just having a general developmental growth spurt, so that is affecting his sleep. We have been able to take away the swaddle. (last night was the first full night and he did REALLY well) and next will be nursing to sleep. He hasn't found a way to comfort himself yet - so when he gets really tired, it's still the fastest, quietest way to get him to sleep.

UPDATE - last night I tried to put him down without nursing and we had a 2.5 hour battle with tears, sleeping, waking up screaming and totally inconsolable.... ugh and he needed the swaddle to finally settle.

I feel like I'm going backwards.
I really think if all moms had to breastfeed, there would be a lot less babies around because this is def the hardest thing I've ever had to do and also the most dedicated....

I keep telling myself that tomorrow will get easier.... nighttime is really the problem as they are usually very good during the day.

The busier we are outside the house the better the day we have:)

hopefully i find some time soon as I want to do a Sesame post, a Must have toy post and I have a few others in mind also:)

Hope you are all doing well. What kind of post would you like to see next??

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