Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My Life Revolves around my kids poop.
I'm dead serious.

This is not for the weak of stomach... I've warned you.

Katie has always had constipation issues. Since she was in diapers.
When she was eating baby cereal, we used to have to put prune juice in it just to try to help her out a little and even that didn't always work.

(Buying my little 6 packs of prune juice was embarrassing - kind of like buying condoms or tampons.... only there's no fun to come!!!)

It has gotten so bad that we have literally had to pull it out of her.

When we potty trained her, I figured it was going to be a disaster - but shockingly... it wasn't...

So, there's one poopy plus!

Now that she is potty trained... she just holds it in. I swear she has seriously amazing control of her body function - because she can hold it in for DAYS and DAYS.....

So it's a battle.

We have discovered that she absolutely cannot eat bananas.. not even half of one because that means about 3 days of misery for all of us. Of course, she loves bananas - so that's a huge bummer.

Now, we try to encourage her to go every day. She has bouts of time where this works and all is well in our house. Everyone is happy.

Then she has bouts where she refuses to go either because she's afraid it might hurt or she wants to have control and then we all are cranky and angry and we fight back and forth trying to convince her that it's a good idea to go. Then my husband has to sit with her for half an hour at a time while she's on the potty waiting for her to poop.

She refuses to let me sit with her during this and screams and yells that she wants him - so the poor guy gets stuck 95% of the time with it.

Then there is Ben. He has the opposite problem. he gets Diarrhea all the time. The doctor keeps telling us it's nothing - but the daycare doesn't want a kid there with diarrhea. So last week, they kicked him out on Wednesday afternoon and he couldn't go back until Monday. We took him to the doctor and they again said it was no big deal. Then I told them I'm concerned and they said if I was worried, I could collect a poop sample and bring it in.

That is the most disgusting thing I've ever done in my life. Particularly because the poop I had to use for the sample was the worst smelling, most foul thing I've ever seen.

Ben has also picked up the habit of waking up to poop every night between 1 and 3. If he doesn't wake up for that, then he probably pees through his diaper and we have to get him and change everything for that.

Our happiness at night during family time and our ability or inability to sleep all revolves around when and how our kids poop and pee.

This is something I wasn't prepared for and I am hoping that it gets better- because it's not fun.
It's not

Our happiness on any given night can completely depend on whether she poops. Our sleep deprivation level depends on whether he poops OR pees.

This is the stuff no one tells you about - so I'm letting it all out;)

Anyone have any ideas on how we can possibly try to change his pooping schedule so he doesn't have to wake up to do it in the middle of the night?




  1. Ask your Dr. if you can mix benefiber in his formula or cereal. Devin used to get constipated and then end up with diarrhea when he was around 1. His Pediatrician told us to mix some benefiber in his milk or juice. It may help regulated him. You can try the same with Katie, it may make it easier for her to go and then she may be more likely to go if she realizes it won't hurt.

  2. We had to use Miralax with JC when he was first potty training so that he would go. Are you still using the poop toy/reward for Katie?
    As far as Ben not sure about the poop but we had to use overnight diapers with JC to stop him from peeing through everynight. Cost me a little more in the diaper area but not having to do a load of laundry every morning before work because of pee was worth it.
    Hope relief for both kids comes soon.

  3. Grapes also constipate my kids along with Bananas :( - our snacks have become apples/ pears which helps them, and we also give them fruitables which has helped when they dont want to eat raw fruits. There are also kids fiber chewy vitamins that I have seen but didnt try since the apple/ pear combination worked. If they like tropical fruits I would try papaya its really great for constipation, I keep it in the freezer and make a shake, they love it. Ben might need something that binds him like bananas, rice, bread.. Good luck I know it's tough to see them with these issues.