Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas and Santa Claus

O.k... this whole thing is WAY HARDER than I had thought it would be.

This year, we were able to push Christmas up by one day because my Dad had to travel - so, otherwise, it would have been super rushed and no fun.

We could do this because Katie is 3 and didn't take too much stock in which day Christmas was - I think this is the only year we will be able to do it because she's CRAZY clever!

So, there we all were - kids were sleeping and we started getting the presents out from their hiding place. (Have you asked YOUR parents where they hid presents when you were growing up yet?? go ahead - do it - you will be amazed at how much STEALTHIER they probably were than we are!!)

Anyway - the hubs and I had decided that Santa gifts would be unwrapped and ready for play. (Assembled, batteries in, etc...)

Then there was everything else that we had bought and all the stuff my parents had bought - so how do we tell Katie who brought who? As far as she knows Santa brings gifts - not mommy and daddy - we had planned to tell her some were from Santa and some were from us and my parents, but she kind of kept saying - things like... "O.K. mimi and grumps bought this present, but Santa brought all the rest"

So, we didn't really argue.

So, does that mean that next year everything has to be from Santa? Can some be from us? Do we keep doing the unwrapped versus wrapped thing? Does Santa fill mommy and daddy's stockings too or just kids???

Way more complicated than I had anticipated!

We got through it, and it was AWESOME. She was so excited and so good with the presents
"Mommy, can I open this one? Does it say Katie... I see a K!!!"

She didn't just dive in - she was very patient. She did toss clothing presents aside and even through in an, "I don't want them" comment about socks and leggings but all in all - was very very well behaved.

She liked all of her presents, although I'm surprised at which things she has played with the most so far. I think she's just overwhelmed and can only handle one thing at a time:)

The baby wasn't that into opening... but did like playing with new stuff. His favorite were his sisters princess dolls and this textured, nubby, sensory ball.

We do Christmas all over again next weekend with my in-laws and they are going to get enough stuff that I have to take my tree down to make space for it - and I can't wait to see her face when she sees her MAJOR AWARD - this super, deluxe - monster princess castle with all the princesses and a Cinderella staircase, etc - the whole shebang! She's going to DIE - and then she's going to SCREAM bloody murder when her brother tries to pull himself up to stand on it - but she's still going to die:)

Christmas is awesome.

Next year, I hope to adopt a family so that we can spread our good fortune because as I think of all the kids getting spoiled rotten with toys they will only play with for a few hours - it is hard to not think of those poor children do who not even get one toy - or who don't know where their next meal is coming from.

So, my new years resolution is to donate more all year long - not just at the holidays because you never know... it could be you or someone you know and everyone deserves to get something.

Merry Christmas!


  1. We hide our presents all over the place...they were literally in closets and drawers all over the house. I had some stuff in each trunk, too. In other years, I have left everything in a friend's basement. I had everything shipped there, wrapped there, and made a pick-up on Christmas Eve.

    I wrap every single present, even right down to the stocking stuffers! To me, the best part is the anticipation of not knowing what Santa brought until they tear into the wrapping paper. Honestly, I love wrapping, too.

    This year Santa brought Nook Tablets, so I had them all charged up, in their cases, and just repackaged in a regular white box. So everything was ready to be played with, but still wrapped up. It takes A LOT of time and effort...and I work full-time, but I absolutely love making Christmas magical. :)

  2. We keep things simple and plan to get even simpilar next year. We do only one present from Santa...usually the large "I Want" gift. Jesus sends a spiritual gift (veggie tales movie or book) to remind us what the day is about and everything else is from Mom and Dad. Next year we are cutting back even more and JC will only get one gift from Mom and Dad- this will make 3 gifts under the tree bringing it back to the 3 Wise Men and why we celebrate the day. Once you add in everything else he gets from grandparents and relatives he will still make out like a bandit but it won't be overwhelming.

    Currently I hide gifts under the bed in our spare bedroom but I see the need to use the attic in the near future.

    Mostly everything is wrapped but it always seems that one gift goes unwrapped (chair, train table and this year a 3 foot fire house). Yes Mom and Dad get stocking stuffers too (gum, toothbrush, chapstick)

    Does Santa write a letter back in your house?
    We also buy a special cupcake and sing "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus" before presents can get opened and place him in the manger.