Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Gift Itch/Daycare in the mornings

Is anyone else just dying to give their kids just one of the new toys you have sitting in waiting for Christmas?

I don't know about you but Katie is BORED at home. I mean... TOTALLY scatter brained, can't even be bothered to color or do crafts anymore bored so every time she has a meltdown I am so tempted to just pull out something new so that it can keep her attention for just a little while.

I haven't done it - but man oh man am I tempted. This is the one true downside to having a baby with a birthday in the beginning of the year because then we get hit twice within 2 months with gifts and then we have a dry spell for awhile because we don't want to spoil her with getting stuff all year long. Even though we obviously buy her stuff during the year and so does her grandparents.

So, today we tried to make up a matching game with some of her flash cards which lasted all of 15-20 minutes. (She's awesome at sorting colors and shapes so that's what we went with) and it was only 9:00.
So, we took her out to shop a little bit and then went out to lunch where she proceeded to scream I WANT PANCAKES to everyone that walked by - but all in all it was a successful morning!

So, we have been able to hold off on giving her any presents for one more day.

In regards to her boredom, we are finding it VERY VERY hard to keep her interested in anything these days.
She knows her alphabet, her numbers 1 - 10, her colors and lots of shapes. She talks like a 3 year old and is able to figure out puzzles labeled age 3 - 5. She is potty trained.
So, I'm out of stay at home mom material at the moment.

With the new baby coming, we have decided that it's time to start sending Katie to daycare in the mornings so that she can get some circle time/play time/craft time in a structured setting with other kids to ensure that she is getting socialized and I can have some alone time with the baby so she doesn't feel neglected. (especially in the beginning when I'm nursing)

So, we are taking some tours over the next few weeks and we think we are going to just bite the bullet and spend the money to send her to daycare 3 mornings a week from 8:30 - 11:30. Until her brother comes, I will be doing consulting work during those hours to help offset the cost and to make me feel better about being a stay at home with no kid in the morning! Once the baby comes, I probably won't be able to work as much - but I'm hoping to be able to continue working at least a little bit to bring in some money and hep keep me sane!!

I never thought I'd be so ready to send her off to daycare/school. But she is obviously ready and we really think it will be good for her and I'm sure it will be good for me too - so hopefully it's a win/win for everyone involved. Guess I'll just have to keep clipping coupons to help offset her expense now:)

Anyone else send their kid to school/daycare early because of similar reasons?

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  1. Don't feel bad kids need the social interaction. Plus it sounds like Katie is more advanced than some her age. JC has to go one day a week and we send him an additional day just because. If I could swing it financially I would probably get him there for one more day. It isn't just about what they learn there it's more about him interacting with others and the structure he gets there compared to at home where you are really trying to teach and mutiltask at the same time. PLus I have to admit the arts and crafts he brings home are worth all the money in the world- my cabinets and doors are covered!
    - Christine