Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Watch your mouth

Like everything else so far - Katie started talking early. She went from a few words to a whole lot of words very quickly, and is now speaking in broken sentences. You can have a conversation with her and she remembers and responds - it's great!

Potty mouths. We always joked around my family how I was going to have to start watching my mouth because she would repeat and for the longest time we had no incidents.. I thought we were kind of in the clear. I had almost forgotten about it to be honest.

Then one night my husband was wrestling her to try to get a diaper on (before she was potty trained) and he got frustrated.... he did that parent breathing out thing that we assume will make some sort of impression on our kids, only it doesn't and Katie picked up right on cue and said,
"Damn it!"

Plain as day and appropriate for the situation as it's the only bad word he usually says.

We laughed out loud because not only had she stored this little piece of information - she figured out the context in which it was to be used!

The following week, we went to my parents house and my father was reading something and innocently stated out loud... OHHHHH DAMN
not 2 seconds later our little parrot said to herself... OH DAMN

We laughed about those cause it's still so cute but then she got serious.
The other day we were putting in the car for the beginning of a LONG journey over Thanksgiving and a cop squealed out and sped off for NO REASON near us (no flashing lights, just showing off) - so I was complaining about how obnoxious that was and all of a sudden Katie said

So, my husband looks at me and I look at him and we said to each other... what did she just say? So we asked her what she said and she said... "Fucking" with a big old smile on her face.

Then the panic sets in and we are both looking at each other saying... I don't think I said that - did you say that.

So, I said... Katie why are you saying that and she goes,
"Mommy said it over there" and pointed to where I was just complaining about the cop.

Busted by a 22 month old.

So, now I try very hard to think before I rant. She hasn't said it again - so perhaps it was an isolated event for now - but we'll see.

So, for those of you with potty mouths who are pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant... NOW IS THE TIME TO STOP YOURSELF.
You might think you can stop when the baby comes... but it doesn't work like that -so if you really want to beak the habit - start now.

AND even if you think they aren't listening to you - they are. Always. So just remember that as you go into another room to talk on the phone to your best friend about something that bugs you - because they are like little shadows and can often go undetected!!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Good to know I am not the only one who has had my words repeated back to me. Thankfully it hasn't been anything bad yet.
    Funny story:
    So we were teaching JC to use the potty and we always called it going pee. Well one day he says he has to take a wiz. Well I about busted out laughing cause there is only one person I know that calls it taking a wiz and it's JC's grandpa (the man he spends every other week with). So when out to dinner I called my dad out on. Makes me laugh everytime he says it even though I find it to be a weird word.