Thursday, December 2, 2010

Practical Christmas?

I've been frugal for as long as I can remember. Even when I was working Full Time and we didn't have a kid, I never was capable of blowing money on things we didn't need.
My most expensive treat was my gym membership.

I still have clothes in my closet that I wore in College/High School, I hardly ever pay full price for ANYTHING and I love sales and coupons. I use the library and comparison shop if I have to buy a book. (which I hate doing!!) We have a Keurig - but I don't use it every day - it's for special days and stressful days:) I make my meal plan based on what is on sale for the week and yes, I'm only 29.

This year for Christmas I am doing all my shopping online again to avoid the CRAZY crowds and waiting in line, etc... I always get free shipping so you can't beat it.

I was trying to think of what to get for my husband and I just can't think of anything that will really be a WOW gift. I thought I had done well last year when I found a local cooking school and bought him some classes there (he loves cooking) and this year I'm just tapped out for ideas.

So, I suggested that we give ourselves a budget and then just spend it on whatever we want for ourselves. Which is really the same thing as giving your husband a list and dictating exactly what you want him to buy for you, only you avoid any upset if he gets the wrong color/size or model!

My husband said that might be nice... except he knows I won't buy anything fun for me. And he's right... I'm already thinking of just using that money towards my gym membership or for clothes for after I have the baby - which totally defeats the purpose as the idea was that we'd buy something we wouldn't normally buy.

I have no problem buying for other people and if my husband came home and said he wanted to spend $1000 on a guitar or something - I wouldn't protest because he works hard and I feel he deserves it... but I am incapable of spoiling myself in the same way. My mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year and I told her I wanted new baking pans... and I did, and I love them - but that's how my head works when it comes to gifts...

Any of you have the same problem?

My frugality has made it so that we are able to live on one salary with no problem - I never have to question if we can afford something that we need - because we don't spend on things we don't need. My biggest spending habits tends to be on clothes - but all my clothes are so old that it's kind of necessary! So I am trying to stick to that so that when we have 2 little ones running around - we are still able to live the same way.

So, I think for me this Christmas - I will buy myself my gym membership and some new clothes and I'm happy with that - more than happy with that. It suits me!

Anyone else have trouble spending money on themselves?


  1. so far when people have asked what I've wanted I have said a maternity winter coat and a glass pitcher to replace the one I broke awhile back. so yes, I'd say I'm right there with you. but at the same time I think that if it's a gift you maybe will be more likely to buy some new clothes without scavenging the clearance racks? That's how I try to do it anyway. I mean, it's a gift. If you see a shirt you normally wouldn't buy - this would be the time.

  2. Its got to be a mom thing. I asked for a steam mop. Way to live the stereo-type, right???

  3. Nope, we go crazy at Christmas. We also don't spend much during the year on going out or gifts for other holidays/occasions, so we make up for it with one big gift giving day. Although, since we need to buy a new car in a few months, I will have to cut back...but that is a worry for January 1, NOT today. :0)

  4. I just had this conversation with adam I told him to get me a gift certificate to get my hair done. ( which he pays for all year anyway). Anyway he said I want give you something that Nicolette can give you to open. I told him pick me out a $20 shirt and wrap it. There is nothing that I really want. I guess once you have kids Christmas is so revolved around them.