Saturday, February 12, 2011


Katie Power Kessler Santos!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I used Raffle King to enter all the names and it randomly selected the winner for me)

I have your prize - I just have to get off my large pregnant butt and waddle to the post office to stick it in the mail to you. Promise it will be soon! Inbox me your mailing address please so I can send it off:)

I will have more giveaways soon - cause I think they are just so much fun!

Thank you so much for entering and for all your awesome comments and suggestions. This is becoming one of my main social outlets and it makes my day to post and get comments back and to be a part of this awesome dialogue that we are all able to have now.

I am making a list and will start working on the suggestions soon as they are all very interesting.

Happy Saturday everyone and Happy Parenting:)

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