Monday, February 7, 2011

Diaper Disappointment

We are a Luvs family. I discovered them when I got fed up with throwing away broken Pampers and Katie leaking through them after she moved up to size 1. They had a money back guarantee and I thought... sure let's try them - and FELL IN LOVE!
They never leaked, they were never broken, they didn't smell funny and they didn't give her rashes.

So, last weekend we bought a few cases during a Target deal where you got a GC if you bought 2 - we figured - of course we'll need nothing but diapers for the next few months, so let's stock up on some bigger sizes and get the GC. We saw that the package said NEW DESIGN - so we got kind of excited.... cause we're lame like that and it was monkeys which are a huge hit in this house.

So, Dave being awesome specifically picked out the new design cases and we stored them away.

Then I randomly checked the Luvs website and saw that people were totally trashing the new design.

Apparently it's not just the monkey they changed. (I never minded the Blues Clues they used to be - I mean they are meant to catch and withold poop and pee right?) Apparently the whole diaper is different and leaks now and smells funny and is just plain junk.

I'm talking the entire comment section on their website is people trashing the new design and saying how disappointed they are in them.

So, now I have to go out and scavenger hunt for the OLD LUVS with Blues Clues on them and hope that I find them. I also have to take 2 huge cases back to Target and swap them as well because I am not opening them up based on the sheer consistency of the reviews I have read.

Here is my thought on this... If it ain't broke - don't fix it... I know it's a small thing, but we really liked these diapers and they were cheaper than Pampers. I have heard good things about Target brand at a baby shower so I will try those... but I was happy to stick with Luvs until they ruined my diaper nirvana....

So.. be warned... and PLEASE TRUST ME. Don't even buy a costco sized case of diapers unless you have tried them first - I know a diaper should be a diaper but babies have weird reactions to things and there is nothing worse than opening up a $35 box of diapers to find that after 3, the baby has a diaper rash or they smell or they leak and you want to try a different kind. I always suggest trying different brands in small batches first - then stock up through or Costco :)

Happy Diapering!!!!!!


  1. Bryden is in Target diapers right now and we love them. I'm not sure how the smaller ones are (I stocked up on a deal through for James before he was born and am still working through the pile). However, once he is done with those I'll definitely give the Target ones a try on him as well.

  2. With my first I only used Pampers. The Huggies I tried always leaked and the Luvs didn't have the pull tab (stretch option). When she was a bigger (sz 4 and on) I found the Parent's Choice (Walmart) worked really well! They do make them in smaller sizes now but are a little too rough for a newborn.
    With my second I have surprsingly used Huggies the most (I believe it is the Little Snugglers). I have used the Target brand and found them great and ressonably priced. I just tried Publix brand and LOVE them!!! There are more diapers in the box then the others and still cheaper. I have yet to have a leak problem and they stretch.

  3. We are Huggies fans in this house... however I usually have to get one size bigger so they don't pee through them, I just fold over the top :) The huggies nighttime have been our savior in this house with Mr. Brody... no more changing sheets every day :)

  4. With Devin we always used Huggies. He would always pee through the pampers and luvs. The only other brand we had tried at the time was White Cloud which I believe is the Walmart brand. My SIL bought us a package and Devin never wet through. Though we always bought the big box at BJs of the Huggies and always had success with them.

  5. We totally did the diaper scavenger hunt with Ben when he arrived and fell in love with both the BJs brand diapers and the Target brand diapers. I can actually count on one hand the number of times we have had a "diaper blow out" during the night. We decided to stick with Target brand because it is easier to get in and out of Target quickly. We are in size 4s now with Ben and I am going to start buying a couple cases of each size for Alex before he gets here....