Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Insider info about me

So, I figured it was about time that I share a little bit of info about me - as it seems all my favorite blogs are doing it and I don't want to be left out! ;) I mean, I think of this as my new community of girlfriends all connected through this fabulous world wide web - so I figured you should know more about what makes me tick!!

  • I am an old soul. My perfect night is sitting on the couch with my hubby crocheting and watching tv or a movie, sipping a glass of wine.

  • I love all things crafty - I taught myself to knit by looking at instructional books and videos and it was the hardest, most frustrating thing I have ever done in my life. It literally had me in tears at times - but I'm glad I stuck with it because I cannot sit and watch tv without knitting or crocheting anymore. (It drives my husband crazy, but if you knit or crochet, then you know what I mean!)
  • I tried to teach myself to crochet after knitting and it took me a long time to get past making a starting chain row - so I stopped for awhile and then got back into it and have not stopped since. I literally have made one item a day for about 2 weeks now - it's somehow soothing and fulfilling and there is nothing better than when Katie wakes up to find a new treasure I have made and she actually likes it!
  • I'm an entry level technology nerd. It all started at my last job where I got more and more involved in the technology set up in our company and I really took to it. Katie clearly takes to it too as she's playing on my Ipod in the picture above while I finish crocheting her wheels for her blue car.
  • I have to multi-task. My brain simply cannot focus on one task at a time. Right now I have One Tree Hill streaming in the background on my Mac while I post this, and eat my lunch before logging in to work.
  • Speaking of One Tree Hill - I like teenie bopper television. OTH, Gossip Girl, MTV Reality TV, Bravo Reality TV, Greek, Glee.

  • However, I draw the line at American Idol and Survivor - my reality TV loyalties are mostly on cable.
  • I love the library - I usually have an average of 3 books out at a time and use it to get movies and tv shows on DVD all the time! I even joined a knitting/book club at a local library and I love it.
  • I love building Ikea furniture - there is something about those non-gender specific characters in the instruction booklets and their refusal to include any words!!!

  • I love a challenge. Over Christmas break, my cousin and I spent over an hour trying to transform a level 5 transformer kids toy and it was lots of fun, especially when we got it done. Full disclosure - we are both well in our 20's and it was his son's toy hahaha
  • I overuse the exclamation point - I apologize to you readers for this as I actively try not to and it doesn't really work - so unfortunately I still overuse it.
  • I think every person that drives a car should know how to change a tire - yes I know that there are people you can call for that - but while you are waiting for 2 hours on the side of the road waiting for AAA, I could already have already driven to get a new tire on the donut that I changed by myself in 10 minutes... I don't like having to rely on other people.

  • Lastly, I must have a cup of coffee in the morning. Even if it's just decaf - there is something about the ceremony of sitting down with a strong, sweet mug of coffee that makes my morning complete. Some mornings, I only drink 1/2 a cup - but it still does it's job of making me feel like I can start my day. And it has to have half and half in it... milk doesn't have the same effect unless I'm desperate:)

So!!! That is a little bit of background insider information on me... share some fun facts about yourself in the comments, we might have more in common than you think!!!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Must start my morning with a cup of tea. The first sip is my favorite. It's warm and sweet- it's as close to being a heroine addict as I will ever get...well besides the fact that I am addicted to diet pepsi (preferably) or diet coke. We cal lit my crack in a bottle.
    I am one of the few regular white wine drinkers out there I believe. Every person I know loves a good glass of red where it kind of makes me gag but give me a white and I am overly happy.
    I love to read but it must be something that doesn't make me think- you'll never catch me reading a mystery.
    I am one of those people that has just chosen to not learn how to change a tire because I can call someone...I know this is sad.
    I can barely sew which means anthing more complicated than that is foreign to me.
    I LOVE TO TAKE PICTURES! I also enjoy scapbooking but was better at it when JC was younger so now I have a pile of pictures I must get to sometime in the next decade.
    I hate to clean but hate a dirty house even more. Everything has a place and it freaks me out when it is not in it's place- I think I might be a little OCD/ADD but it's cool.
    There now you know a little bit more about the person who loves to read your blog. With amazement we were never close in high school- different crowds but through your blog I almost feel like I know you better than some of my best friends plus we now have toddler in common.

    Christine Bouchard