Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Breastfeeding update

Apparently my boy is a boob man. Exclusively.
We have tried for 2 weeks now with 5 different bottle/nipple combinations and 3 different people giving the bottle to him and he absolutely refuses it.
Doesn't even make any attempt whatsoever to suck on it. Just pushes it out of his mouth and when he actually gets milk - he gets pissed.

So... it looks like we will be attached at the boob for the next few months. I just hope he gets on some sort of schedule so that I can go to Zumba and Spinning.

I feel awful starving him to make him take a bottle - and with Katie around if he's crying, she gets upset - so we try not to push it too much. So, it looks like we will keep trying every day for a little while and if it happens - YAY and if not, I just keep telling myself how amazing it is that I am literally keeping him alive and that he loves cuddling with me because I know it will be short lived and I want to enjoy as much as I can.

How are the rest of you breast feeders doing out there?

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