Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Discipline strategy

How do you all make sure that the discipline in your house is equal and the same between parents?
My husband and I have little pow wows - particularly after hard days with Katie to make sure we both agree on discipline, and back each other up and also to help each other decide which battles are worth fighting with a VERY independent and strong minded almost 2.5 year old.

I think this is KEY in our happiness and success as a parenting team.
We check in and discuss things and if we think we need to change how we are doing something, we both agree to do it the same together.

It's working as Katie doesn't pull the let me ask Daddy to see what he says if Mommy says no type of thing. It's important to be able to touch base and vent to someone. (especially for me as I am with them 24/7 and I think it's harder on a Full time, stay at home parent just because you are with your kids ALL THE TIME) So, having someone who will listen to me vent and help put things into perspective helps alot.

How do you all manage to agree and discipline the same way?

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  1. We do the same - regroup after the kids are asleep to discuss any major issues or things we may not have agreed on. We try not to talk about these things in front of Jake if we can help it. We definitely don't always agree on things in the moment, but we can always talk it through and come up with a good solution or routine that works for our family.