Wednesday, August 14, 2013

House updates!

Before (boring, blah walls - ugly cords hanging down)
We painted the walls with an AMAZING color (peacock blue) - and then I took a box cutter and cut a hole behind the TV in the sheet rock and then again at the bottom of the wall to feed the cords through. I put an outlet cover at the bottom and need to finish that a little better - but for a last minute DIY - it works!!!

 Dining Room before and during colors

Here's a tip for painting - whatever color you like on the cute little paint chippy cards - go one shade lighter when you buy the paint or you'll be sorry. We went through a dark grey sample square (which we had to put 3 coats of primer over to cover up after realizing the cute light grey we picked out was a whole shade darker on the wall and dry) Then we tried a red orangey color - which looked awful - before finally deciding that Yellow would be our complimenting color to the living room Blue.

We picked a color out - and I had my doubts when I was ordering the gallon tha twe might want to go one shade lighter - but we pushed on and got the paint and brought it home.

The next day I started putting it on the walls and realized - yup - a whole shade darker at least than what I wanted. But you know what, this time it worked out because I'm starting to love it.

The whole point was to add bold color and I'm getting used to it now - so we were lucky this time - but Katie's room (below) is still WAY too dark for my liking because of the one shade darker thing - so next time I pick paint - I will go with my gut and go a shade lighter cause you can ALWAYS add more color later but it's very hard to take color away.

Trust me - You'll be glad you went one shade lighter.

 Ahhhh... there's a little life in here now.
 Looking from the living room into the dining room
(gotta update that light fixture - maybe for Christmas)
 Pinterest project - stair risers + contact paper = fun stairs
 Family Photos up the stairs (boring beige - we can change that next year sometime)
 Bens' Room!
 Katie's Pink Pepto Bismol walls. (will need to break that up with something so it's not so PINK - maybe bead board on the bottoms???)
 Fun Kitchen artwork;)
Our next and final project for a while will be to update the counters using Giani Countertop paint. I'm not ready to invest in new counters - but I HATE THE boring beige blah ones we have now. (so much blah in this house before) So - faux stone it is. Only problem is we have to take the sink out again in order to do it right and make it look perfect -so that will have to wait until a date when we have the time and ability to cut it out again and flip it over upside down and be without a kitchen sink for a day or two - so hopefully next weekend - we can attack that and then just enjoy the house and all the personal updates we've done so far.

I still want to do the chalkboard wall for the kids - but that can wait at this point:)
DIY - Pinterest projects make me happy:)

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