Friday, August 9, 2013

My failed chalkboard project

I have a wall in my family room with a stained glass window in it. (All the houses around here have at least one stained glass window)

I have decided that is going to be our chalkboard wall - a place where the kids can just draw, doodle, write, and be creative all day, any day.

I bought chalk board paint at ACMoore with a 50% coupon (sweet right) and at first I was just going to go ahead and paint the wall - then I realized we might HATE the way the color looked permanently - so I decided to get a huge piece of plywood the entire length of the wall and then paint that with the chalkboard paint and then attach it to the wall.

This would allow us to take it down at some point and not be forced to repaint the whole family room to get rid of the chalkboard look. (We don't know the color of the walls since it was done before we moved in - so it's not like we can just re-paint the one wall)

So - I measure the wall - I go to Lowes. I talk to the nice man in lumber and we decide on plywood instead of MDF. (MDF would work but it was just too too heavy) I take the huge 4*8 foot piece of plywood - slam it on a cart - push said card through the store to the big saw and have a second nice man cut it down to size. I had measured the length of the wall and gave myself 2 options for height based on the stained glass window.

Now I have to put it in my car - it was about 95 degrees with 100% humidity and I had to take the car seats out - rearrange the seats and then put it up and over the seats meaning I couldn't use my rear view mirror. But I got it home.

Had to take the huge thing out of the car - get it inside the house and put it up against the wall - and realize the lights are flickering - why - because genius that I am  - I forgot there was a damn light switch about 6 inches BELOW the top of the height I had the plywood cut.

So yeah - now I had to drag the whole huge damn thing into the basement - put the car back together and go back to square one on my chalkboard wall. I will cut the plywood down to size to be centered on the wall and then make a cute little frame for it - except I don't have a saw.

So - the chalkboard wall will have to wait.

But it will be done - and my kids will probably play with it for about a day - but maybe they'll play with it more and think it's the coolest thing in the world!

Fingers crossed:)

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