Thursday, August 8, 2013

The kitchen sink project

So - our kitchen was the only room in the house that we knew we would have to do something with because it just hadn't been updated in a VERY LONG TIME.

We started with the appliances right when we moved in. We pulled out a 30 year old dishwasher and we replaced the refrigerator. In order to make the refrigerator fit - we had to alter the cabinets a little. (YAY FOR DADS WITH TOOLS) We thought that was as big of a project as we were going to do anytime soon.

Then I learned I was going to get the opportunity to write up a review for a product that transforms boring old Formica counter tops into faux stone looking things.

I'm not one to keep up with the Joneses - I don't feel the need to impress anyone with expensive updates in my house - I had no intention of replacing our countertops because they work just fine and we are busy with other things. I do however, love a challenge and a craft project and the Giani Countertop paint kit provides me with both!

So - our counters will LOOK a little snazzier (super plus) and they won't cost much money (SUPER SUPER PLUS) - it was Win Win.

With the impending face lift of the counters -  I got sick of looking at the gross faucet and yucky looking sink drain in our current sink. (which is actually a really nicely kept beige cast iron sink - that we worked into our facelift and intended to keep.)

So I hopped onto good old Google and tried to figure out how hard it would be to replace the sink drain and faucet. All looked easy enough - doesn't it always?

To make a long story short - it took a total of 6 separate trips to Lowes - a crapload of new tools and a little bit of cursing and elbow grease - but after 24 hours we had successfully replaced the sink drain - tail piece underneath the sink and faucet to update the sink.

We got to use a hack saw to cut through a horribly rusted on sink drain, to cut through the new tail piece we had to buy after realizing the old one was the wrong size. We got to take out a cast iron sink - flip it over and install a new faucet and then re-install the whole thing - and I now have an updated looking sink that is ready to be paired with the updated face lifted counters:)

This all makes me happy, happy happy.
Although - while the water was off, the tools were out and the project seemed doomed - I never thought we'd actually be able to do it - but we did. The hubby and I worked together and did it all ourselves and sometimes there is just no better feeling than that:)

 this sucker was NOT going to come off. Don't be alarmed - it's a combination of plumbers tape, paint and rust that you see - any drain that's been sitting 10 plus years probably looks the same underneath
 New sink drainer basket with plumbers putty waiting to be installed
 Naively thinking we were almost done

 Upside down cast iron sink (can you say heavy) with new dish soap dispenser and faucet installed upside down:)

I love for these types of projects and can't wait to get the counters done next AND THEN we will finish the first floor with finalizing our dining room with a little color and fun:)

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