Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Apartment Update

So... chalk it up to nesting - (although if you ask my husband I've always been a furniture mover - he loves coming home to my latest furniture re-creation) but I have been organizing and purging and re-organizing and I am falling in love with this place all over again.

I have cleaned out the kitchen cabinets and given away a bunch of plates and stuff we don't use/need on (my favorite do gooder website) and have found that we have an even more amazing kitchen than we originally thought for our needs with space to spare.

I am also re-organizing the living room/play room and have been able to separate the two a little bit so that us adults have an actual living room until little man comes home and needs crawling space... then we will push some stuff back up against the walls to make it more open.

I have moved some of Katie's toys into her room so that we use her room more during the day which is nice and we moved his changing table out into our room - which opened up TONS of space in Katie's room.

I have measured and figured out that our furniture will fit very nicely in Katie's room if we choose to switch rooms with the kids with room to spare for a pack and play if we need to have one. (I was thinking it might be nice to switch the rooms early and then put our futon in the kids room so that Dave can have a place to sleep all night long the first few months we bring the baby home. If I'm able to nurse like I'm planning, I figure there is no sense in him being up every time the baby needs to eat, so he could bunk in what will then be Katie's HUGE room on our futon (that's at my moms right now) and the pack and play will fit with me in our new room.

It's really just a matter of deciding if we think all the noise in that room will affect Katie's sleeping. I mean I figure she'll get used to it - and we have a humidifier on int eh winter and would put an AC unit in there for the summer... so I'm sure that would drown out a lot of the street noise and maybe we could fix the door after all???

So, I'm feeling MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better. We are going to go out and buy a bigger desk for me (which I have been desperate for) and we are playing around with the idea of a few different storage type units that we might bring into the house to help out in the play room. We figure we have to build up with shelves to maximize the space we have - so we are looking for tall shelves.

I am also looking into installing curtains to hide these hideous vertical blinds that are all over the house that have broken panels which the landlord can't tell us anything about so we can't get them fixed... grrrrrrrrr

I think we are just going to try very hard to make this place work for us. Street parking will be an issue with a newborn and a toddler. But for the most part we don't ever have to park far from our house, so I should be able to manage ok and for the first few weeks we won't be going out much anyway... so I think we're gonna make it!

I'm still looking for storage ideas and DEFINITELY need suggestions and tips on sharing rooms as we are a bit nervous about moving the kids in together and can use all the help we can get!

I'll post another post later with some of the products we are buying for baby number 2 versus stuff we bought for Katie. You certainly learn a lot after having your first that you can use to your advantage for number 2 and figure it's always nice to share reviews and thoughts...

Thanks for reading and keep the comments coming - they make my day!


  1. All along I have been very nonchalant about sharing a small space with the two kids once the baby is here (and both boys being in Jake's room because a baby is tiny anyway, right?) but now I am panicky because I forgot about all of the STUFF (like all of those clothes). I like your idea of moving the changing table to your room - might try that over here - it makes total sense. of course Jake is going to be in diapers until he is 30 so they both need to be changed.

    we get those long clear containers (target) and fill them with out of season clothes and slide them under the bed. are you getting a separate dresser for the baby right away? we're trying to figure that one out.

    we're also hoping our place sells sometime soon but of course that has absoluutely no guarantee! so we will make do.

    Can't believe these babies are going to be here in less than 3 months! so exciting!

  2. Glad you decided to stay would be a lot of moving with 2 of them... I was thinking maybe you could put Katie in your room for a few days and see how she does with the noise before the baby comes. At least you will know if its even possible.

  3. Yay!!! Sooo happy! I agree with Meghan, put Katie in your room and see how she does. I'm sure it will be a pain to move things around, but well worth it in the end!!