Tuesday, January 18, 2011

C-section versus Natural Birth

Pregnancy is a lot of things. Scary is one of them. I was lucky enough with my first pregnancy to have 0 complications and a VERY easy labor and delivery. The entire pregnancy and childbirth experience was perfectly pleasant to be honest even with having to go on pitocin and having my water broken by the doctor.

It's one of those things that once you are there - you have to give up all sense of "control" modesty and everything else you hold dear - because nature and the doctors are going to take control.

My second pregnancy has been a little more typical with more nausea, increase in appetite, mood swings, crying, weight gain, and general pregnancy crazies. However, with all of that, my biggest fear at this moment is having to have a C-section.

Which brings me to my topic for the day. It seems to me that more and more doctors are pushing c-sections and that more and more moms are also opting for them.
I have heard various reasons for this such as
1) convenience for both the doctor and parents
2) timing... people don't want to have to wait through labor
3)not wanting to push a watermelon out of a lemon excuse

Here is my take
A C-section is a surgery. Not a convenience. A MAJOR surgery that includes some serious risks and a very major recovery afterwards.

I am not talking about people whose doctors legitimately think that a C-section is the safer option for both mom and baby. I'm talking about c-sections that are scheduled before you even walk into the hospital. I understand that once you have one, your following pregnancies should be c-sections as well, so I exclude those as well.

Right now, my biggest nightmare is having to have an emergency c-section. I think I would absolutely lose my mind if we went into the hospital and had to be wheeled off last minute. Something about it just totally freaks me out. I seriously think I'd pass out and vomit and have a panic attack (regardless of the drugs they offer me)

My doctor with Kaitlyn was very old fashioned and natural and wouldn't even discuss the possibility of induction or c-sections. He said there was no need because we would deal with it if and when we had to. I respect that. For some reason, it comforted me.

Perhaps it's because I've never had a surgery before - but the thought of it gives me the heebie jeebies and I don't agree with choosing to have a c-section "just because"

But, I also think that all moms should at least attempt to breast feed - so perhaps I'm a bit more old fashioned than I had originally thought before having children.

Anyone have any thoughts or experiences they'd like to share about c-section versus natural birth? Anyone's doctor push them for one that they didn't want? Anyone want to share an experience where they chose an "medically unnecessary" C-section and try to explain to me why that worked best for you?

I want to hear it:)


  1. I went naturally with no drugs and would do it again that way in a heartbeat!

  2. I am scared of having a c-section too! Jake was induced and I did have an epi but it wasnt so much where I couldnt feel anything and I had no complaints - I'm actually getting nervous about going into labor naturally because I am worried I will either panic and race to the hospital too soon or my stubborn side will kick in and I'll sit at home in pain until I end up having this kid on the side of the highway. extreme, I know. but still - at least with being induced I knew exactly what was happening and when it was happening. that was a comforting part of it. and I'm with you on breastfeeding. I definitely want to nurse this time around. I had to pump last time and that gets old fast when you're pumping and feeding and pumping and feeding - I felt like a factory cow.

  3. I totally agree with being all nervous with having a c-section. With my son, my entire pregnancy went smoothly, even to the point when I went into labor, I went natural all the way. With this pregnancy, I am nervous about the whole c-section idea. This pregnancy has been so different, morning sickness, mood swings, heartburn, etc, just to name a few. C-section is the last thing on my mind but I do dread the idea of having to have one. We will see when the time comes.

  4. I'm getting to this post late, but I saw c-section and it always peeks my interest. Here's my c-section story! My oldest was a c-section, emergency after over 24 hours of labor (epidural so I felt almost none of it, thank God!) It was scary and uncomfortable, but I knew that he needed to get out because his heart rate was dropping and at the time they thought he was 3 weeks early (He ended up fine, in the regular nursery immediately.)The doctors made me feel really comfortable though and there was lots of smiling even though there was a million nervous people in there with the NiCU people and my doctors. With Peyton, I decided that I wanted to dry VBAC (Vaginal birth after C-Section). I discussed it with my doctor, my pediatrician, and my husband and decided that it was a safe thing to do as long as labor progressed normally. When the time came, I jumped the gun on a few contractions and called the doctor who told me I was in early labor. and because I was a VBAC that I would have to go to the hospital. My doctor there told me that I would probably be there for a few days hooked up to a monitor because I was VBAC. I decided there that I wasn't doing another 2 day labor and opted for another c-section and she was born within the hour. I didn't want to be gone indefinitely from Jack and wanted to get it done with. (Also, 5 days of peace and quiet while I recovered sounded blissful at that point)