Friday, January 21, 2011

Parenting is not for weak stomachs

My child gets constipated. Badly. Poor little thing has always had issues with her poops and they haven't gone away. They are very sporadic, but they are there.

The other day was the worst I've ever seen it and when I tell you that parenting is not for weak stomachs I'm really not kidding. I had to literally pull her poop out of her body. This is not the first time I have had to do it, but it was the worst it's ever been. How do you explain to a 2 year old that her favorite foods like banana and cheese are what is causing her poop to hurt?
It's impossible, so we have to hide that food from her or not buy it so that she doesn't want it.

So... if you are thinking of having kids, or have kids - I applaud you. I never in a million years thought that I would have to man up and pull poop out of a toddlers butt to help relieve her obvious pain and discomfort.

I have so far, (knock on wood) been able to avoid vomit - which I hear is lots of fun too - I figure if I can handle the poop issues, (literally and figuratively) perhaps vomit will be like cleaning spilled milk for me!

Let's hope!

Happy Reading!


  1. JC got constipated when we were potty training cause he would fear going on the potty. The pediatrician said to put some Miralax in his drink once a day. Cleared the constipation issue right up. We hvae to use it now about once a week cause bananas and cheese are his favorites as well. about 1/4 of a cap full usually does the drink but if it's real bad you might need a little more but beware too much can make it runny. Best part is it's non-habit forming.

    I will agree 100% parenting is not for the weak stomached.


  2. that sounds awful! we have our own poop issues over here - hasn't happened in awhile so knock on wood - but we have had way too many nights of walking into Jake's room and finding his crib (now bed) walls, toys, hands, feet, you name it smeared in poop. the first time I could barely contain my disgust and now I just roll up my sleeves and get to cleaning and disinfecting. definitely not something I thought I would have to deal with as a mother.