Friday, January 14, 2011

Breastfeeding coverup Giveaway

I am becoming obsessed with blogs and giveaways and just found an awesome one to tell you about.
For all you moms to be here is a link to a giveaway for a cool looking nursing cover up. I know when I was nursing Katie I HATED having her covered up under a blanket, etc. I felt like I was suffocating her and especially when you are first trying to learn how to nurse - not being able to see your baby is VERY difficult and frustrating. (especially when you have a SLEW of visitors who want to come over and your newest addition wants to feed every hour on the hour)

So, I love the idea of this cover up.

Check out the company here:

and the giveaway site here:

Check out the blog above for all kinds of reviews and information on products that you may or may not know you need:)

Happy Friday!

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