Saturday, June 11, 2011

How clean is your house?

Wow, I'm back and it feels like it's been FOREVER!

We finally moved into a rental house and let me tell you it's AMAZING!

It's a 3 bedroom - 2 floor house (beds and bath up - living, kitch, dining, down) Full backyard and driveway!! (no more moving cars for the street sweeper on Tuesday mornings!!!!)

But, it was stressful to say the least.

See, we had more stuff than we thought we did. We had more stuff than the movers thought when they did the estimate and of course the day of the move ended up being the hottest day of the spring - so it was misery all around!

However, we did it and we are in and now it's just a matter of getting this place all set up with our pictures hung and our patio/backyard set up and it will feel like HOME!

In moving, I realized something that I thought we should discuss and that is cleanliness.

See, I come from a long line of obsessive cleaners. My kitchen is swiffer mopped every other day, my floors always vacuumed, my bookshelves dusted multiple times a week. There are never poop stains in my toilet and the rest of my bathroom gets a once over at least 3 - 4 times a week. (especially with a potty trained kiddo) Her potty seat gets sanitized and wiped down all the time too.
(turn your potty seat over and take a look - it's GROSS)

I even wipe down the garbage can front, top and back if anything gets on it because although it's a garbage can, I don't think it needs to have garbage ON it... only IN it.

So, when I got here to move in, I was absolutely DISGUSTED to see the state of the bathroom and kitchen. I'm talking caked on grime. I spent the better part of an hour or 2 just scrubbing, bleaching and disinfecting these 2 small places so that I could feel good about bringing my kids in the house.

AND - the worst part is that there were 2 babies living here. One of which got baths in the tub that I had to bleach like, 3 times just for us to take showers in.

I don't get it. I'm finding the older I get and the more places I go, the cleaner my house looks to me.

Don't get me wrong - I can be messy. My drawers are a mess - socks with pants and shirts and panties all mixed in to heaping piles that you have to flatten to close them - however it's Clean - there is a difference. And, my room is the only room that stays messy. I make sure everywhere else in the house is clean every day. We pick up the toys every night, (Katie has been helping since she could walk and is very good about this) the kitchen is NEVER left a mess overnight and the kids room is always clean.

Is it too much? Am I the crazy one? I enjoy a clean house. I just found itty bitty little ants near the kitchen and am FREAKING OUT because I vacuumed 3 times this week and it grosses me out to think there is food somewhere I can't get to that is attracting them - so we are getting spray and I will continue to vacuum until they are gone.

Nothing skeeves me out worse than a dirty kitchen. And this kitchen had just been re-done with nice counters and cabinets and yet, the people that lived here apparently didn't care to keep it up.

Perhaps I clean too much - but it makes me happy. I guess that's why I never get overwhelmed with cleaning the house - because I keep it up during the week so it's never a crazy, time consuming all day event...

Is there anyone else out there that cleans like me? Do you feel my pain?? I was so overwhelmed with how gross this place was that I was almost in tears... granted, part of that is my crazy hormone in-balance due to breastfeeding, but I think some of it was warranted given the situation too!!!


P.s. this is by no means a commentary on ANYONES house I have been to recently for the record... just a commentary on the GROSS people that used to live here!


  1. I usually do 2 huge cleanings a month. Like the get in the corners with a duster, scrub the bathroom and kitchen appliances, dust, vaccuum and mop type of clean. On the weeks in between, I do a quick dust if it needs it, clorox wipe the bathrooms and kitchen and vaccuum. I typically vaccuum a few times a week bc it's messy with kids. I find I usually clean the sinks and toilet seat more frequently than I used to bc I can't stand toothpaste in the sinks or pee on the seat (also from kids). The kitchen gets cleaned after every meal so it isn't usually dirty. I do occasionally leave the dishes for the morning, though I HATE waking up to a mess. The kids pick up their toys on a nightly basis so that's one less thing I have to do myself. Overall, my house is pretty clean, there are occasions though where I slack off and I pay for it later!

  2. We always straighten up each room after we are done during the day and then once a week I give everything a really good cleaning (not all at once in one day, I usually do the kitchen one day, the bathroom another day). I absolutely love waking up to a clean house - it's like a fresh start every day - so after the kids go to bed I usually make sure everything is in order. I am stickler about making sure things are at least in the room they need to be in and then I can get to cleaning it or putting it away properly when I have a chance. I used to be so so messy and ever since I had kids, I just love the feeling of having things in order and clean. It takes away so much anxiety!