Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sorry - we moved - and it takes so much time:(

Hello all !

Sorry for the delay in posting! We FINALLY finished our move and it took longer and more out of us than we had expected. The people we are renting from were DISGUSTING and left all kinds of crap for us to deal with. Between cleaning like crazy and unpacking our insane amount of boxes, it's been a week and we still aren't completely done. I'm amazed at how gross some people are - and these people have kids and all I could think is their kids lived like this too:(

The good news is having all this new space has given us a new lease on life already! Having a backyard for Katie and a driveway and an upstairs and a laundry in the basement has already made us all WAY HAPPIER than we were in the old 2 family.
The bad news is all I can think of is - all of this work and it's only temporary - as we have a one year lease with an option to renew if all goes well.

So, let's hope it all goes well and we can make this place our home for 2 good years - then our deadline will be reached and we will have to finally decide what to do because I already told my husband - I never want to move again!!!

Other than that, we are still trucking here. I have decided that I pretty much hate the restrictions that breastfeeding has introduced to me. Ben still absolutely refuses a bottle and I'm not selfish enough to starve him to force him to do it - so we are at a stand off and so far he's winning. if I had to go to work or something, then I could see forcing it - but seeing as how it's just kind of inconvenient for me to be stuck here all the time, I have decided to cancel my gym membership and just cross my fingers that someday I can go back and run my errands after he's asleep at night.

He still eats every 2 hours during the day which makes my days very hard - but he sleeps pretty much every night at least 5 - 8 hours - so I guess I'll take it.

I just keep telling myself that tomorrow will be the day that he stretches out his feedings to every 3 hours - but so far - tomorrow hasn't changed:( and it's very difficult to do anything outside the house.

He also has decided to stick to his guns about hating being in the car seat - and every time we try to take him out - he screams until he has that awful raspy, hurty voice left and it's pure torture. I feel worse when Katie is with me because she doesn't really understand why he cries all the time and I don't want it to upset her. I have been trying to take him on short trips to see if he can handle it and every time I do - I end up insanely stressed out and depressed and he screams and cries the whole time - it's not good and it's not getting any better.

Good thing we have this nice, big house to hang out in because it looks like I'll be stuck here awhile.

what else?? I have decided that I need to start working PT online again - I wasn't sure if I was going to - but I decided I will feel better if I'm making a little money and it's good for my brain - so I am in the process of re-training myself for that as it's been since February since I worked...

My next big adventure will be one in cloth diapering - I have to decide which system I want to use and then start getting my supplies so we can see how we like it. I had a friend switch over and so far she loves it - in fact.. Kate, do you want to do a guest post for me????

Hope all is well with you all - I will post something a little more helpful and mom-ish when I get another free moment!

Perhaps some coupon updates! I have been keeping up with it and still absolutely love it. I ran out to shoprite the other day with no plan - just my coupon folder and ended up saving $56 between what was on sale and what I had coupons for and it was all stuff I needed to re-stock our house with food after the move.
Makes me feel good:)

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  1. Hooray for moving into a place with more space! Don't worry about Ben - he's only so young for such a short amount of time and it will pass. You just need to do what you feel comfortable doing. He'll be slugging back drinks out of sippy cups before you know it. I know how frustrating it can be though. ESPECIALLY feeling a bit trapped in the house. $56 in savings during an impromptu shopping trip? that's amazing! I feel like I spend SO much time preparing for grocery shopping every week. People have actually told me they can't believe I take up so much time to clip coupons and organize lists and menus - but it is so worth it! and yes, I'm a cloth diaper convert and proud of it! I would be honored to be included in your guest blogs.