Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Positives to Staying Home with your kids

O.k. in the insanity that has been the last 3 months, I have decided to write a blog on the positives on staying home because I do realize that there are a lot, otherwise I wouldn't be sacrificing working in order to do so.

So... here goes

  1. You have less of a chance of missing all the firsts... steps, words, crawling, smiles
  2. You get to stay in your pj's all day
  3. You have full access to your fridge all day and can make whatever you want whenever you want and aren't limited to a cafeteria or a microwave
  4. In the summer, you can enjoy some outside time and possible sprinklers, water table or pool fun
  5. Your kid gets to set a schedule that works for them- I for one, let Katie nap for as long as she needs to (unless it goes past 4:30 because we like having some quiet time at night without her being awake past 8:00) and we never have to wake her up in the morning
  6. You can run your errands during the day (well, when I had one kid I could do that, at the moment I am stuck doing my errands after 8pm when he's asleep for longer than 2 hours at a clip - but I hold out hope that that will change someday)
  7. You can clean your house a little here and a little there. (I'm wicked crazy about cleaning and my house is ALWAYS clean. I'm talking lysol wipes on the garbage can opening clean - so this suits me well!)
  8. You can cook yummy dinners without having to eat late. (although my meal planning lately has been crap - I will get back to it now that we're settled)
  9. You can watch daytime TV - yeah, I said it - I watch Ellen and Rachel Ray sometimes - don't judge
  10. You can go on the internet and use the phone without being monitored by anyone but your toddler
  11. You can have play dates with your kids friends moms - which can be play dates for you!
So, please understand that I do realize there are a lot of perks to being a stay at home mom. I just wasn't expecting that number 2 would be so difficult and totally throw my leisurely lifestyle upside down. Having a kid that won't stay in a stroller makes a lot of the above difficult, but I know that someday - I will get back there:)

Happy Wednesday (I think it's Wednesday anyway)

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  1. I love that as a stay at home mom you have the flexibility to choose what you do for the day. I have the kids with me all day every day so we practically do everything together, but if it's raining I can decide to stay in that day and do errands another day. Most people don't have that luxury!