Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finding Daycare

Well, the time has come. I am ready to send Katie off to daycare part time so that she can get some structure and socialization and I can get some one on one time with Ben and maybe some time for working too!

It's exhausting. We haven't lived here long so it's difficult not having too many people we can ask for references for. Money is also an issue as I stay home - so we are on one income.

I am not looking for a 5 star educational program - but let me explain why - she's 21/2 - I am looking for her to start playing with other kids her age and have some structure to her day. I know where I want to send her for Preschool and they have an EXCELLENT curriculum - so when I am back at work - she can get the 5 star treatment. For now - we are on a budget.

Luckily, we live fairly frugally - so think we will be able to accept the extra expense because we know it will be good for all of us. Ben, me and Katie will all get time we need. If for some reason, it doesn't work out - we can take her out and it won't be a big deal.

So far I have called around 6 places and they range in price from $35 per day to $75 a day. (FOR PART TIME HOURS - 3 days a week) Yeah - talk about sticker shock.

I visited one place yesterday that I wasn't in love with because it seemed so day-careish - but that's what it is - a daycare! I heard good reviews - the price is right AND I really liked the teachers I talked to and the flexibility within the program. I asked for some parent referrals and am waiting for them to call me back and then tomorrow I am going to go down and leave a deposit to make sure I grab the spot available in her age group.

I'm nervous because I don't want her to cry on her first day - but I know she needs it and I know it will be REALLY good for her. She doesn't have much family - so I really want her to be around kids. Although I am ready for this and I think she is too - I can't help but be nervous because she's never been away from us with anyone but family or close friends....

How did you find daycare for your kid?
Did you have to change programs? Why?
How did you handle the first day?
How many of your kids get upset when they DON'T get to go to daycare???

Tell me, tell me:)


  1. JC's first daycare/sitter was found on Craig's list. It was great when he was first born cause it was just him on most days and he got that one on one he needed at that age. When he was 1 1/2 his sitter started working more and we decided JC needed more structure and socialization. This current place is an at home that we found through a friend. Since changing to the new place he has never cried when I dropped him off however there are days when he asks me not to go to work and spend the day with him (I have not learned to save some personal days at work just for this reason). Since JC only goes 3 days a week he doesn't really get upset about not going cause he is either with his Popeye (grandpa) or his daddy during the week and with mommy on the weekend. I think it has made him flexible when it comes to who watches him. Even when we actually have date night we rotate between 3 people (one being his uncle which is everyones first choice- FREE and FUN). It might take her a couple of days to get used to it, make a few friends but soon she'll just be shouting goodbye and you'll be the one crying (ok that's just my kid). I pay $35 for a full day but considering I am in the south I think it might be your most resonable choice. Good Luck and enjoy your time with Ben...and your self!

  2. This ones right up my alley. I am the biggest fan of daycare. Not just cause I am a full-time working mom who has had her daughter in daycare since 9 weeks...Kids need the socialization, They need to be left somewhere to follow someone elses rules and to realize that mommy and daddy WILL come back for you...I love love love my daycare! Stella loves it too! I call it a very expensive playdate! I visited every daycare in my area. My gut told me which one to choose! First day was tough on me cause Stella was so young. She was ok. We did go through the seperation anxiety phase around 1 year which was heartwrenching. She screamed every morning and the girls had to pry her off my leg. We did thid for about 2 weeks. I almost wanted to quit my job but I called my pediatrician and they explained seperation anxiety and after a couple of weeks it got better and now a days she runs inside and gets right to business playing! Stella rolls with it all. Daycare does stuff differently then mommy and daddy do and she seems to do well with change because of it. I think its a very good thing for the kids and the parents! I can prob go on forever...But I wont! Good luck!