Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why I wish I had my second child first!

O.k. O.k. you are all right - the second child is different.

You don't jump up every time they put something in their mouth, you don't jump to their every cry. You don't try to wrap them up in a protective bubble like you do your first.

I wish I had my second child first, because Katie would be a better eater. I would have forced her to eat more, earlier and she would eat what we eat for dinner.

Ben is 6 months old and I find myself mixing peas with apples for him or squash and green beans - I never did that for Katie and I was super cautious of letting her eat things because she didn't have teeth and could choke, blah blah blah

You make noise around your second kid. Dave and I used to sit silently in the car while Katie napped because we were afraid of waking her up - I don't even think I vacuumed when she was around because I was afraid it would scare her.

It's different with your second. We went to an event for Katie and I had to put Ben down for a second and all there was was the carpet that people had walked all over and wasn't exactly clean - so I put him down - I never would have put Katie down on a carpet like that hahahaha

He survived and he's just fine!

I let him play with a spoon today. It made him happy - I was watching him - he didn't choke

I really wish I had had my "second child" first because I feel like we would have had a less stressful first year with Katie!

I can only imagine what it's like when people have 3 or more... they probably don't even use car seats

We won't be having a 3rd. Ben has sealed the deal on that one with his inability to sleep at night. He wakes up betwen 2 and 3 and wants to hang out and play for about 2 hours and then he has the nerve to be happy, playful and cheery in the morning - while we are dreary, cranky and sad!

So unless we can have a kid who will come out around 5 years of age - 2 is it for us!

Maybe we'll get a fish


  1. I want to bookmark this post for a year or 2 down the road when we all get the "I'm pregnant" email...Love you Momma! Keep bloggin!

  2. Thank you for at least giving me one of each.
    Mimi in CT