Thursday, September 15, 2011


O.k. ladies - it's getting close to Halloween time.

Do you buy or make your costumes?? How do you pick what your kids are going to be>? Do you do themes? Do you you let your kids pick?

Last year, we were a Sesame Street Bunch.
I crocheted an ERNIE sweater for Katie because she LOVED bert and ernie at the time - put her in a pair of jeans and then bought her red converse to look like him because she loved him.

I made Dave a Bert shirt by painting stripes on it the color of the shirt he usually wears on tv and got him green pants and drew him a serious unibrow.
I made myself a Big Bird shirt with cut out "feathers" made of fabric which I then glued ALL OVER A while shirt that I had to dye yellow. I also made myself a Big Bird hat that looked like a Beak with styrofoam eyes.
I also got myself some leggings that I made to look like Big Birds legs.

It was awesome - except people didn't really know who we were and that made me sad, With store bought costumes - there is no need for imagination, etc... so I was kind of bummed but Katie loved it and we loved it and had a good time.

This year, Katie said she wants to be Thomas the Train. I looked it up online and can make her a train to wear out of a box - so it would be a 3D costume. Ben could be either another train or Sir Tophamm Hat (she originally asked that Dave be Sir Tophamm Hatt and I be Mrs. Tophamm Hat)
I was so excited at the prospect of making costumes, and then I got busy with trying to prepare for a craft fair as well as working a special project part time for my old company.

But, I am dedicated to making costumes again this year - I enjoy it and even though it's not cheaper - I feel like it makes Halloween more special. Making costumes is NOT that much cheaper than buying and it takes time and energy to put them together - so it's certainly not an "easy way out"

I also figure my time is running short in terms of being allowed to make costumes by my children - so I will take advantage while I can!

Do you make, buy? Who picks costumes? Do you dress up with your kids?

I love Halloween - particularly because they are so little. I get such a kick out of seeing all the different costumes and kids:) I feel like it's a day for innocence and fun and I'm holding on to it for as long as I can!


  1. Creativity in the craft area is something that is lacking in my family (I was YELLOW ghost one year cause my mom wouldn't go out and buy me a white one to cut into). With that said I buy but I buy cheap. JC was been a scarecrow, a fisherman and last year it was a dragon. Last year I held up 2 costumes on sale and let him choose. This year he chose Spiderman, originally he wanted to be the black one Venim, but I was kind of against him being the "bad guy" so we talked him into the on sale Wal-Mart Spiderman costume (16.97 with free shipping). Nothing has been bought yet for fear he will change his mind, he is only 3, but I think we will be purchasing soon.
    I always wear a Halloween shirt. Last year I got a cute one that is like a sexy bee corset painted onto the T-shirt and it came with antenas- I forsee the samething being worn this year. Wish I could get us all to dress in a theme for for an hour around the block I just can't justify spending that much and then buying candy to hand out too. I think I might be a little scroogie when it comes to Halloween.

  2. I totaly can do without Halloween. I give out candy and all but thats about it. Last year Stella had a Halloween Onesie I put her in (she was 6 months old). This year I am dreading buying a costume when I know she will be esleep before its even dark out and God only know if she will even put the thing on... I normaly am not such a bah-humbug with stuff...Really dont know why I cant get into Halloween...I just never have! Probably once she gets older I will enjoy it more! And I will buy a costume!