Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First day of Big Girl School!

SCHOOL(copied from my personal blog as I feel it's relevant!)

Monday was Katie's first day of school. (Pics to follow)

We made a biggish deal out of her leaving and she picked Ba BA up and told him, It's ok baba I have to go to school but you will pick me up later and kissed him.... it was ADORABLE!

Dave took her for drop off and then Ben, Ba Ba and I went and picked her up after lunch. I could tell she had been crying because her little pink eyes said it all... The teacher said she was really good until some of the other kids started getting picked up - then she got a little sad and asked for me, Baba and Ben...

She didn't pee the entire time she was there - but didn't have an accident either....

She did however, eat her entire lunch which was VERY impressive because she's so finicky at home.

She told me about the teachers (whose names she doesn't know - but she calls them, the mean teacher, the brown teacher and the blue teacher)

Apparently the mean teacher was mad at some other kid - I couldn't get a clear story - although today she said the Mean teacher liked her a lot and gave her a hug....

The Brown teacher is another story - I asked her what was brown because I was hoping she was referring to her clothes (like the blue teacher) but nope - she said her face and her hands....

What do I do? She's not wrong - I just don't want to offend anyone... I'll deal with that later...

She also sang the circle time song and pretended to do circle time with her friends at home.

Fast forward to this morning... she woke up later than usual and we had a bit of a rush to get out the door. She was a big apprehensive about school so we were worried she would be upset - but Dave said as soon as they got to school she cheered right up and was fine.

I didn't call to check on her today because I don't want to be an annoying mom and there really isn't anything I could do since I won't go get her....

Baba, Ben and I went to pick her up and she didn't see us walk in - she was happy as a clam and playing... When I told her it was time to leave her response was, But I didn't play play doh yet...


The only problem so far is she refuses to pee - but we go as soon as we get home. I also use hand sanitizer on her hands once we get to the car and wash her hands right after the bathroom to try to help with delaying a house full of sick people thanks to daycare germs...

They let her go with the PreK kids during lesson time - and that makes me happy because they are learning spelling and words, etc....

So far, so good - now I just gotta find her fun snack/drink holders and cups that are personalized so that we don't have to write on ours with Sharpie every day. (it doesn't stay permanent on those items)

There's lots of cute stuff online, but I gotta do a little more research!

More later - just wanted to put up a quick post - it's working and so far everyone is happy!

Yay for Big girl school!

P.s. I just researched some labeling products and have fallen in love with - I think I will be placing an order shortly - they are dishwasher, and washer safe and they have ADORABLE pictures and color choices! I can get her trains with green and pink and purple on them - PERFECT!!

Has anyone used these? Anyone have any other suggestions for labels for school stuff???

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  1. someone I know just ordered from namebubbles and they were really happy with it. I have to check it out myself.
    funny - sounds like katie and jake are having similar school experiences - he isn't technically in the pre-school program (they were all booked up) but he spends pretty much all morning up until lunchtime with the pre-school group. It's awesome! and he didn't use the potty there at all last week. maybe they're just too busy having fun.
    I had to giggle at "the brown teacher" - it is cute and I'm sure the teacher would be understanding because it's just something she is pointing out as a description. maybe try to emphasize calling the teacher's by their names? Sounds like school is going great for you guys!