Monday, November 15, 2010

Activities for the kids

So... My daughter is 22 months old and REALLY craves interaction with other kids. Not side by side play - but chasing playing trains, talking etc...

I'm finding that she is starting to act out when we are at home just the two of us and I have come to the conclusion that she is bored with me and home. (I know the feeling, I hate being home all the time)

I try to get us out of the house - but I am trying to avoid going shopping and spending money just to have something to do. I have vowed to up the craft anty and this week we are starting with making cookies for our family in Maine who we get to see next week. (She likes helping bake)

There are also 2 amazing libraries within a 10 minute drive from us that we frequent. The kids room in one has a separate room for them to run in AND about 50 puzzles for them to play with, so we will be going there at least once a week during the winter. Unfortunately due to budget cuts, all the cool kids programs the libraries around us used to offer are being cut - and her age means she isn't eligible for some of them as she's too young. But I HIGHLY suggest looking into your local libraries if you haven't already! Katie LOVES the library.

But, I need other suggestions for fun activities for an active toddler that require minimal running after by mommy. (baby # 2 is making it harder for me to "run" around at the moment!!) And puzzles are fun, but she isn't tired after wards.

A friend invited us to a gym today that has open play. It's about 30 minutes away - and for $8 we get an hour of open play - so we are going to try that out. Is it nuts to drive 1 full hour round trip for 1 full hour of play every week? Does it make sense as it's fairly cheap and she will hopefully get her energy out?

We are thinking of putting her in a day care program starting in Dec or Jan for 3 hours - 2 days a week so that she can socialize more and play with other kids - but in the meantime - what types of activities do you, or did you take your toddlers to that were good for them and didn't include shopping! I'm looking for "class" type activities that don't cost more than my car payment!

(little gym and gymboree would be great, but seeing as how we are one one income - I can't justify the payments just yet)

(when you ask her where she went today - she usually answers target or grocery shopping... poor kid - knows that's usually where we go!)

Any and all suggestions are more than welcome!

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  1. Annie Don't feel bad. Since I get most of my quality time with JC on the weekends when I am running errands he can open the pantry and tell me what items have the Wal-mart logo (Great Value) on them. He's 2! He also says we go to Costco a lot but he doesn't mind since he gets free snacks.
    See if there is an indoor bounce place by you. Ours costs $7 a day- you can even split the day and go home for lunch nad nap.
    We have an annual membership to our local aquarium. An expense upfront but it pays off after 3 visits. We also had JC in a tumbling class for awhile before we started daycare to get his energy out and him interacting. I think it costs us a small registration fee and then $5 for every class we attended. Ours even provided a snack after class so we just brought water. Not sure what your religious afilitation is but see if your church has a morning mom's group that kids can attend. I have an evening one at my church for working mom's (FINALLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS MOMS HAVE TO WORK TOO) and they provide daycare so JC LOVES going and playing with the kids while I interact with women and connect with God.
    AC Moore and Micheal's have kid craft days where for a small fee you can go and make your craft with an instructor.
    Hope those help a little.