Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gym Nursery Fail

So - on Tuesday when we went to the gym, Katie was good for at least 40 minutes and I was able to get in a VERY nice long walk. When I went back to the nursery to get her - I heard her from the hallway - her hyperventilating, freaking out, red faced, can't breathe crying. She doesn't cry much - but when she does, it's pretty dramatic. Apparently right before I got there, a little boy in the room who cries a lot (but only for like 20 seconds, then he's over it) started crying and then Katie started crying - only she didn't stop after 20 seconds. So I didn't think much of it because we were leaving anyway and the lady said that she had been perfectly fine up until then.

So, we go again today and she goes right in, and her friend comes too and I get on the stair machine. (the super cool, scary looking one they use on Biggest Loser that looks kind of like an escalator, it's AWESOME and very hard!!!) Got 15 minutes into my workout when I hear my name being called to the nursery. Same story - the boy started crying and that set off Katie and she wouldn't stop.

So, I asked the lady when the boy was there and she said pretty much every day at the exact same time that we can go - which of course, figures.

So, do I assume it's really this little boy and try to re-arrange when we go around when he won't be there (but her friend probably won't be able to go at the same time) OR... do I just throw in the towel and figure that it's a sign that I shouldn't be trying to go to the gym?

I'm frustrated because the whole point of me going during the day with Katie is so that it:
A) gets us out of the house
B) doesn't cut into my PT work
C) doesn't mean I have to go at the crack of dawn

So I don't really want to go at night when the gym is most crowded and I'd rather be home with Dave and Katie - so I'm feeling very defeated:(

On a totally unrelated side note - I just discovered the MOST AMAZING SNACKS EVER!!!! They are called PUFFINS and they are usually in the healthy section of the store. They taste kinda like Cap'n Crunch only healthier and way less fake and are full of good stuff like Fiber with very little sugar. Katie loves them as a finger food and I've been taking hits off her snack cup all morning and might just break down and have a whole bowl for myself:)

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