Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crazy Pregnant lady at the gym

That's going to be me - today - I hope. 22 weeks pregnant and I thought that I could use a little exercise and I thought the nursery at the gym for Katie might be a good place for Katie to get some energy out and play with other kids.... so today my buddy and I are braving it back to the gym with our 2 daughters in hopes that they will stay in the nursery long enough for us to at least get a mini cardio work out in.
I miss the gym terribly. I had been doing Zumba and spinning before we got pregnant and then the first trimester literally kicked my butt into total submission and I didn't renew my membership because I hate wasting money and figured if I wasn't going to go for 3 months, what was the point??

But, they sent me an offer to join again for cheap with no commitment and it's only $2 an hour to put Katie in the nursery - so I figured for 2 mornings a week - even if I just walk a half hour - it will benefit us both. So, Wish us luck and cross your fingers that I don't hurt something as it's "been awhile"

I will post some pictures later of our cookie craft project. I am making all kinds of cookies with Katie to give to our family that we are going to visit in Maine next week. I let her put some of the ingredients in and then I mix it and then she can cut them out. (today it's sugar cookies)
I bought some icing pens for decorating which was a little expensive as I was trying to make this as cheap as possible - but I figured they were better for her. I got the cookie mixes with coupons and on sale - which is my new thing. I am 100% attempting couponing.

I'm hoping Amy might help us with a guest post about how she does such an amazing job - because she is quite the motivator for me:)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Coupons- God Yes. I just wish I could figure out how to shop better with them. I make every attempt but lose it when I have to compare prices.
    Gym- I know you can do it. I walked for 30 minutes every morning until I was 8 months pregnant and I looked over at the 80 year old next to me on the tred mill and found she was walking quicker than I could with a bowling ball between my legs. So ofr one month I enjoyed being pregnant, fat and lazy. I tihnk it helped a great deal when it came to delivery. Just start slow!