Tuesday, November 9, 2010


They take manufacturers coupons - all you do is collect a bunch and then mail them in with your account number and they add them as a credit to your account. Then you watch for the stuff that you have coupons on for, to go on sale and you get a double deal!
(and you don't have to remember to bring the coupon with you, etc... I always forget to use them when I pay which irritates me)

  1. Their prices are usually the lowest I could find - especially when they have sales.
  2. They offer free 2 day shipping if you spend $49 bucks which is SO Easy to do - especially on newborn and size 1 diapers since you will literally go through like 20 a day at first so you might as well stock up so that you NEVER have to run out at the last minute!!!!
  3. You can combine it now with their sister store, which has all kinds of stuff you have to buy anyway - so why not get it for cheap and delivered to your door!
This was my absolute favorite find when my daughter was a newborn and I fully intend to use it for baby #2.

One other piece of diaper advice... TRY SEVERAL BRANDS!
After she grew out of the Newborn Swaddlers, I hated pampers - she leaked through all the time and we also used to get a lot of defective diapers in our packages (broken tabs, etc....)
SO, I tried Huggies (there are always coupns for them) and hated the way they fit her and then tried Luvs because of their 100% money back guarantee and have been hooked ever since. She never leaked through and we never got defective ones.

Once she got older, we also had to get Huggies Overnights which was the only way she would get through the night without waking up wet.

I have heard good things about the Target brand and the Rite Aid brand Tugaboos...which is exciting because they are cheap too!

Let me know which diapers and deals you liked!


  1. I have never tried - so you send them coupons in the mail? can you log them online somehow? I definitely need to try this - sounds like a great way to save some $ and some sanity hauling diaper boxes!

  2. i hate pampers too... everytime shs poops it ends up everywhere... i was gonna try huggies but maybe ill try a small bag of huggies and luvs! thanks parent to parent advice blog!